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Name: BFRH 2020 08 07: Eric Flint and Walter H. Hunt on 1636: The Atlantic Encounter, Part 2; and David Weber's Uncompromising Honor Part 25

Description: Eric Flint and Walter H. Hunt discuss 1636: The Atlantic Encounter, a new entry in Flint’s Ring of Fire series. This is part two of a two-part interview. After the town of Grantville, West Virginia was thrown back to 17th Century Germany, the up-timers have had to adapt to survive. Now an expedition is sent to the New World of North America, where a combined crew of up-timers, down-timers, and one French spy encounter Puritan New England, Dutch New Amsterdam, and the contentious Englishmen of Jamestown; and David Weber’s Uncompromising Honor, Part 25.

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