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Contests & Awards

September Contest

The Future of Humanity and a Bevy of Davids

This month we’ve got two new anthologies out. The first, Stellaris: People of the Stars, explores what humanity’s future might look like once we venture beyond our solar system. The second, The Chronicles of Davids, collects work from nineteen “Davids of Distinction” in the field of science fiction and fantasy. To celebrate these two collections, this month, we’re giving away copies of both, signed by their respective editors. To be entered to win, simply send an email with your name to contest@baen.com by September 20!

Put “September Contest” in the subject field and please remember to include your name! Limit one entry per person, please. Winner will be selected by the Baen editorial staff. Winning entry may be published as part of announcement.

Baen Fantasy Adventure Award

Baen Books is excited to announce the sixth annual Baen Fantasy Adventure Award. The award recognizes the best original adventure fantasy short story in the style of fantasy greats like Larry Correia, Mercedes Lackey, Elizabeth Moon, Andre Norton, J.R.R. Tolkien, and David Weber.

Jim Baen Memorial Short Story Award

Since its early days, science fiction has played a unique role in human civilization. It removes the limits of what "is" and shows us a boundless vista of what "might be." Its fearless heroes, spectacular technologies and wondrous futures have inspired many people to make science, technology and space flight a real part of their lives and in doing so, have often transformed these fictions into reality. The National Space Society and Baen Books applaud the role that science fiction plays in advancing real science and have teamed up to sponsor this short fiction contest in memory of Jim Baen

The Year's Best Military and Adventure Science Fiction

Other anthologies tell you which stories were the year’s best—we’re letting you decide which of these you liked best. Baen Books is pleased to announce the third annual Year's Best Military and Adventure SF Readers’ Choice Award. The award honors the best of the best in this grand storytelling tradition, and its winner will receive an inscribed plaque and a $500 prize. Reward your favorite story, and its author, for excellence!