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More information about Advance Reader Copies

An eARC is an electronic Advance Reader Copy. This is an unproofed manuscript and is guaranteed to be full of typos and error. It is pretty much raw from the authors word processor. But you get the entire eARC well in advance of even the Monthly Baen Bundle release.

Please do not send in typos and errors, we know the eARC is unproofed and the author doesn't need to be inundated with "corrections".

ARCs do not include the final proofed version. For the final version you would have to buy the single or monthly bundle for that book.

Man-Kzin Wars XV - eARC

created by Larry Niven



Arkad's World - eARC

by James L. Cambias



All the Plagues of Hell — eARC

by Eric Flint and Dave Freer



Space Pioneers – eARC

by Hank Davis and Christopher Ruocchio