Here's how the Monthly Baen Bundle program works: With this program, you can start reading upcoming releases prior to their publication. We release three segments of each new novel, one month apart, beginning three months before the publication date. Check back on the 15th of every month for updated ebook files until the actual publication month. Log back in after noon EST on the first Tuesday of the publication month to receive the final updated Ebook. The timing works as follows:

  • Four months before publication, we list new Ebooks as Forthcoming; these Ebooks are not yet available for download. Ebooks we've previously released are, of course, available for download in all seven DRM-free formats.
  • Three months before publication, you gain access to the first Half of the new Ebooks in HTML format only.
  • Two months before publication, you gain access to the first Three Quarters of the new Ebooks in HTML format only.
  • On the publication date, you receive full access and can download the entire bundle in all seven DRM-free formats.

As we release the full Ebooks as individual titles, bookstores around the country will begin to stock the physical versions of the new release titles.

Every Monthly Baen Bundle features at least four books new to Baen Ebooks. In addition to the four new titles, each Bundle also includes Ebook titles we've previously released.

See a bundle you like? Buy it before it's too late! Baen bundles are available only until midnight EST the day before the Ebooks go on sale individually. Remember, you can save over $25 off their collective retail value.

Monthly Baen Bundles are not part of a subscription service. You may buy just one, or buy them all. Come back every month to see which books we'll release in future bundles.

View our publishing schedule to see which books will be featured in upcoming Baen bundles.

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