The Macedonian Hazard - eARC

THE MACEDONIAN HAZARD by Eric Flint, Gorg Huff & Paula Goodlett

It’s been more than a year since the cruise ship Queen of the Sea was transported in time and space to the ancient Mediterranean not long after the death of Alexander the Great.

Captain Lars Floden and the other “Ship People” are trying to plant the seeds of modern civilization. It’s not an easy task. But they have plenty of enemies. War, religious strife, assassinations, espionage, poisonings and other murders mix together with the Ship People's knowledge from the 21st century. Their hope is a new weaving of the fates that will lead to a bright new future. If it doesn't kill everyone first.

Domesticating Dragons -eARC


Ph.D., Noah Parker, is thrilled to land a dream job at Reptilian Corp. the hottest tech company in the American Southwest. He’s eager to put his genetic engineering to use designing new lines of Reptilian’s feature product -- living, breathing dragons.

For years, highly specialized dragons have been used for industrial purposes, but Reptilian is desperate to crack the consumer market with a dragon that can be the perfect family pet. But Noah has a secret goal. With his access to the company’s equipment and resources, Noah plans to slip changes into the dragons’ genetic code, bending the company’s products to another purpose entirely.

Trader's Leap - eARC

TRADERS LEAP by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

The only bridge between past and future is a leap of faith.

Pursued by enemies, exiled Liaden clan Korval is settling into a new base on backworld Surebleak. Moving is expensive, as is war, and Korval is strapped for cash, and new trade routes need to be designed and implemented quickly. But this is no easy task. Dutiful Passage is targeted by Korval's enemies, denied docking at respectable ports, and cheated at those less respectable. They are running out of options—and time. Without trade, Clan Korval will starve. Will a trader's leap of faith save everything—or doom all?

The Founder Effect - eARC

THE FOUNDER EFFECT edited by Robert E. Hampson & Sandra L. Medlock

It is 2185 CE. Humans now live throughout the Solar System, but their most ambitious adventure is about to begin. The starship Victoria will carry over 10,000 colonists to a new world outside the solar system. The larger-than-life exploits of those colonists will become legendary. The colonists will build a new civilization, and the actions of a few individuals will become famous—and infamous—forever marking their new colony with the Founder Effect.