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Digital Rights Management (DRM) and our reasons for not implementing it


Digital rights management restricts the number of formats in which you can enjoy electronic media you have purchased. At Baen, we believe that when you purchase an Ebook, you should be able to access that book however you choose. For that reason, we sell only DRM-free Ebooks -- when you purchase one you have access to any and all formats we offer. 


What does that mean for you? If you get a new eReader that uses a different format than the one you had when you built your Baen Ebook library, you can download your Ebooks again in the new format for no additional charge. If you have several eReaders, you can download your books to them all; this lets you read your favorite Baen Ebooks when you're at home with your favorite reader, on the go with your mobile device, or anywhere with any other device.


Once you've purchased the Ebook, you've paid for your right to enjoy it. We try to make it as easy to do that as we can. As long as you purchased it through our website and it shows up in your My Books list you can download to your heart's content.




Baen Ebooks DRM-free formats



MOBI format supported by Amazon Kindle and Palm devices (when converted to PRC).



EPUB format supported by Nook, Kobo, iPad/iPhone/iPod, Sony Reader, and many other eReader devices and programs.


Sony LRF

LRF format supported by Sony Librie and Sony PRS-500 Readers


Rocket Ebook

Formatted by Rocket eBook devices.


Rich Text Format

RTF format supported by most word processing programs such as Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, etc.


Microsoft Reader

Formatted for the Microsoft Reader on PC and Pocket PC platforms.



Formatted for use with your browser. Files are downloadable in a ZIP file.




Click your reader below for specific instructions on how to access your eBooks: