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Special Baen Books Edition of
The Secret World Chronicle: Revelations

by Mercedes Lacky, Cody Martin, Dennis Lee, and Veronica Giguere

Download or listen to a special Baen Books edition of Secret World Chronicle: Revelations here.


The Secret World Chronicle proves wrong the theory that nothing good can come from sitting at home and playing video games with your friends around the world. For Mercedes Lackey and coauthors Cody Martin, Dennis Lee, and Veronica Giguere, their collective enjoyment of the on-line game City of Heroes brought them together and provided the inspiration for what would become the characters of ECHO and the story that began in Invasion and continue in World Divided.

Secret World Chronicle began in 2006 as a podcast, a series of stories linked by common characters and a dynamic universe set in present-day Atlanta. Characters such as Victoria Victrix, Red Djinni, John Murdock, Seraphym, and Bella Dawn Parker have become fan favorites through the four seasons of a podcast that has earned the distinct honor of being a Parsec Award finalist for both 2010 and 2011.

Revelations: Special Episode

After the Invasion that decimated the metahuman population, ECHO, an organization of metahuman heroes, struggles to rebuild with the assistance of the CCCP, a group of Russian heroes relocated to Atlanta. The villains, the Thule society and its occult Nazi counterparts, continue to test the strength of ECHO, the metahuman organization. To complicate matters, private investors and mercenary groups have set their sights on utilizing ECHO for their own purposes. Both sides continue to witness the power of the Seraphym, although the role of this creature in the coming battle remains unknown.


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