Baen Ebooks Announces Special Price on Starborn and Godsons Ebook,
the Final Jerry Pournelle Collaboration with Larry Niven and Steven Barnes!

RIVERDALE, NEW YORK, April 2, 2020—In celebration of science fiction legend Dr. Jerry Pournelle’s legacy, and in light of recent events, Baen Books wants to make sure a major milestone in science fiction publishing is available to every reader, whether they can get to the bookstore or not. Baen is offering an ebook discount of 25 percent on Starborn and Godsons by Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, and Steven Barnes, and a 50 percent discount on ebook editions of the previous two entries in the series, according to Toni Weisskopf, Baen publisher.

Starborn and Godsons is about everything Jerry Pournelle stood for as a writer and thinker: exploration, science-based reasoning, individual freedom—but also the need to work together toward a common goal in extreme situations,” says Baen Publisher Toni Weisskopf. “It’s an amazing finale to this grand hard science fiction series, and we’re so pleased to be bringing it out.”

Dr. Pournelle may have passed on, but his legacy remains strong at Baen Books. As Niven and Barnes point out in their introduction, Starborn and Godsons, the final book in the Heorot series was done but for the final chapters, and they and Pournelle had already planned those. The novel is a grand finish to the Heorot series, bringing the story of previous entries The Legacy of Heorot, and Beowulf’s Children, all authored by Pournelle, Niven, and Barnes in close collaboration, to a rousing conclusion.

The series is pure hard science fiction wonder and adventure. A ship with colonists in suspended animation arrives to settle a new world in the Tau Ceti IV system. But the planet Avalon has a brutal ecology with nasty, implacable predators. After fighting back for two generations, it appears that the colonists are cut off from space flight and doomed to an eventual primitive existence on the planet.

Then news arrives from space. Another colonial ship is on the way. It contains a far different sect, the Godsons, with a philosophy of human manifest destiny to spread, and conquer, the galaxy. But the Starborn have learned hard lessons on Avalon. And, even if the Godsons do have more advanced technology, if the Godsons think the Starborn are going to roll over and surrender their world—and their hard-won freedom—they are sorely mistaken!

The book will immediately go on sale at Baen Ebooks, and all other distributors, for the new discount price, which will continue through the month of April.

Get Starborn and Godsons at the April discount price at this link, or anywhere that Baen Ebooks are sold.

As always, Baen Ebooks are DRM free, and available in a format for every ereader, including the Kindle, and as an RTF download.

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