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Baen Books Honors the Late, Great Gardner Dozois with Commemorative Ebook Bundle

MAY 30, 2018—As a mark of the passing of the late, great Gardner Dozois, and in celebration of his life and his impact on science fiction, Baen Books presents a special commemorative ebook bundle of the novels and short story collections of Gardner Dozois. Baen Books is the ebook home of most of the collected works of Dozois, as well as the ebook publisher of the many anthologies he edited and coedited.

Dozois was the winner of two Nebula awards for fiction. He was also the long-time editor of Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, a position for which he won fifteen Hugo awards. He was also the editor for 35 years of the annual Year's Best Science Fiction anthologies.

“It is very important to keep the work of a titan like Gardner available to all generations,” says Baen Senior Editor Tony Daniel. “I personally owe my career as a writer to Gardner. There are dozens of writers who will say the same. As an editor, I see his effect on the field everywhere. He was a massive, supremely good influence on science fiction.”

Contained in the Gardner Dozois Commemorative Ebook Bundle are Dozois short story collections Slow Dancing Through Time, Morning Child and Other Stories, and The Visible Man, as well as fiction and nonfiction combo Strange Days, Dozois novel Strangers, and collaborative novel Nightmare Blue, written with George Alec Effinger.

“Gardner’s writing is lyric, haunting, and heartbreaking—this is science fiction at its best,” said George R.R. Martin, a long-time friend of Dozois.

In addition to much of the work written by Gardner Dozois, Baen Books is also the ebook publisher of numerous collections edited or coedited by Dozois. These can be found at Baen Ebooks, as well. The Gardner Dozois Commemorative Bundle can be found here: https://www.baen.com/gardner-dozois-commemorative-bundle.html. All Baen Dozois titles can be found here: https://www.baen.com/allbooks/category/index/id/1700.

For more information email info@baen.com

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