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Baen Begins Sale of Challenge Coins

Challenge coins, which began as a military tradition, have become a widely recognized way of showing membership and boosting morale. Coins were minted to celebrate membership in a specific unit, or to commemorate a certain event or achievement.

Baen Books is proud to announce the sale of thirteen new challenge coins, inspired by the commemorative coins members of the armed forces give one another and, with the active participation of the authors, styled after some of our most popular military science fiction series: The Legacy of the Aldenata series by John Ringo, the Freehold series by Michael Z. Williamson, the One Day on Mars series by Travis S. Taylor, and the Carreraverse books by Tom Kratman.

Additionally, the proceeds from a fourteenth Baen Books coin will go to help two veteran-oriented charities: ReadAssist, which helps make books and other reading materials free and easily accessible to the disabled, including those disabled in combat (more on them here: http://www.readassist.org/); and Operation Baen Bulk, whose mission is to provide active duty soldiers with eReaders pre-loaded with dozens of titles (more on them here: http://obb.teddroberts.com/).

For more information on pricing, or to pre-order the first run of coins for yourself, please visit Baen.com here: https://www.baen.com/allbooks/category/index/id/4930

For more information email info@baen.com or call 1-800-487-2236

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