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Baen Ebooks to Distribute Judgment in Moscow by Noted Russian Dissident Vladimir Bukovsky

Now in English Translation After Years of Western Publishing Cowardice, Book Presents Damning Self-Indictment of Communist Oppression

MAY 30, 2019—Baen Ebooks is proud to announce an agreement to distribute the English translation of Judgment in Moscow by Vladimir Bukovsky on its retail ebook site, as well as offering a selection of other ebooks from Judgment in Moscow publisher, Ninth of November Press.

Bukovsky spent years in the Soviet gulag, finally being released to the West in 1976. In 1991, Boris Yeltsin’s government asked Bukovsky to serve as an expert witness at a possible trial of the Communist Party. Bukovsky combed through the archives, scanning and copying much of the material there, and, after the trial became a dud, smuggled the material out of Russia. Judgment in Moscow is a behind the scenes look at these original documents which detail how the Soviet leadership and the Communist Party kept the Russian nation enslaved, accompanied by Bukovsky’s commentary elucidating the extent of the evil recorded therein.

Judgment in Moscow is based on the trove of Communist Party archives that Bukovsky spirited away before access was shut down. These contain elaborate details of Soviet meddling in Western politics, and it also details Western complicity in Soviet Russia’s program of totalitarian oppression. Originally written in Russian, Judgment in Moscow was seen as a major indictment of political treachery both inside and outside the USSR.

Western publishers, including Random House in America, backed down from publishing an English translation out of what appears in hindsight cowardice and fear of offending the emerging new Russian oligarchy. Now after years with no translation available, a new English version has finally been created with Bukovsky’s wholehearted participation.

“Vladimir Bukovsky’s moral compass has never failed, always pointing at the truth regardless of the circumstances or consequences,” Garry Kasparov writes. “No one has written with greater clarity on why engagement between the free world and despots spreads corruption, not freedom.”

Judgment in Moscow and other Ninth of November Press ebooks can be found at the Baen Ebooks retail portion of the Baen Books web site. Click here or go to Baen.com.


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