Baen to publish new science fiction novels from authors Monalisa Foster and Marisa Wolf

RIVERDALE, New York, January 3—Baen Books has signed authors Monalisa Foster and Marisa Wolf both to book deals with the publisher.

The two authors had made strong impressions with the publisher in part based on stories written for Baen anthologies and Baen Publisher Toni Weisskopf is excited by what both authors bring to the table as storytellers, and how they represent some of the very best of science fiction.

"Wolf and Foster are each writing thoughtful, inquisitive science fiction, very much at the heart of SF and in the grand tradition of Moon and McCaffrey, Bujold and Weber, before them,” Weisskopf said. “We are looking forward to publishing their novels.”

Monalisa Foster may already be a familiar name to avid Baen readers for her contributions to several Baen anthologies, including The Founder Effect, World Breakers, and most recently last year’s Robosoldiers, where her short story “Resilience” was named one of the year’s best by Tangent Online. Though she has already published several novels in multiple genres, her debut novel from Baen, an epic space opera titled Threading the Needle, is a major passion project.

“The story is inspired by the John Wayne movie El Dorado, but we spend more time in the main character’s head and heart,” Foster said. “Space opera is not only my favorite genre to write in, but it’s an incredible character driven story and I can’t wait for you to read it.”

Marisa Wolf is already an author of multiple novels with several indie publishers, as well as gaming tie-in fiction and short stories. It was the strength of one such short story in Baen’s Chicks in Tank Tops anthology, “Next Question,” that led to her being offered to write about the characters’ further adventures in a full novel, Beyond Enemies.

For her part, Wolf is thrilled to be working with Baen Books, not just because they’re the publisher of authors she has long idolized, like Anne McCaffrey, Lois McMaster Bujold, and Jody Lynn Nye, but because seeing Baen logo on a book meant she was a guarantee of quality.

“For over thirty years, I've picked up books with Baen on the spine because whether it was one of my favorite authors, or someone brand new to me, I knew I'd get a fantastic story, told well,” Wolf said. “I am entirely delighted to work with an incredible team that's so passionate about excellent storytelling in my favorite genres, and to have a book alongside such talented authors.”

Monalisa Foster’s first book for Baen, Threading the Needle, will be released in trade paperback in October 2023. The first book from Marisa Wolf, Beyond Enemies, will be released in early 2024.

Baen Books is known for its New York Times bestselling science fiction and fantasy, including David Weber’s Honor Harrington series, Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire alternate histories, Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter International urban fantasies, and Lois McMaster Bujold’s multiple award-winning Vorkosigan Saga. Baen’s physical books are distributed by Simon & Schuster, while their Ebooks are sold via numerous venues, including their own website.

For more information, visit, email, or call 1-800-ITS-BAEN.

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