Annual contest continues to highlight new names and big adventures in the fantasy genre.

RIVERDALE, NEW YORK, July 11, 2022—Baen Books formally announced this year’s finalists for the Baen Fantasy Adventure Award earlier this month.

First launched in 2014, the Baen Fantasy Adventure Award has sought to celebrate original fantasy short stories which, despite coming from a range of fantasy subgenres from sword and sorcery to urban fantasy, focus on heroics, high stakes, and adventure.

Judges for the award were five members of the editorial staff of Baen Books, and all entries were judged anonymously. The contest occurs annually and looks for original fantasy short stories that range in style from epic fantasy, heroic fantasy, sword and sorcery, to urban fantasy.

“This year’s finalists again represent the broad range of what fantasy is and can be, and we’re pleased to honor these authors,” said Baen publisher Toni Weisskopf.

The finalists for the 2022 Baen Fantasy Adventure Award are:

“On Cultivating A Chosen One” by Christopher Baxter
“Shadow and Full Dark” by Chris Cornetto
“Generous Handful of Fresh Unja Berries” by Jessica Federle
“To Sleep, Perchance to Wake” by Jonathan Ficke
“All the Colors of Everything” by Alex Fox
“Colossi of Zakatla” by Gregory D. Mele
“Red Lanterns” by Marshall J. Moore
“The Carryman” by Jon R. Osborne
“Exchanged” by Brittany Rainsdon
“My Mother, Dragonslayer” by Edward Rathke

This year’s winner will be announced and honored at the Baen Books Traveling Roadshow at Dragon Con 2022, in Atlanta, GA, Sept. 1-5, 2022. In addition to the award, the winning story will be published at Baen.com, and paid professional rates.

Past winners of the Baen Fantasy Adventure Award have gone on to further career successes. The 2020 winner G. Scott Huggins later also won the Jim Baen Memorial Award, and the 2021 winner M. Elizabeth Ticknor went on to win Writers of the Future. Even the finalists can get a boost to their writing careers, as one of this year’s contest judges knows personally.

“Two years ago, I was a finalist for the award, which was my first ever professional success as an author, and now I’m a judge working for the publisher,” said Baen assistant editor Sean CW Korsgaard. “Even if you don’t win, like any good fantasy adventure story, this contest can take you on some interesting journeys.”

Baen Books is known for its New York Times bestselling science fiction and fantasy, including David Weber’s Honor Harrington series, Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire alternate histories, Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter International urban fantasies, and Lois McMaster Bujold’s multiple award-winning Vorkosigan Saga. Baen’s physical books are distributed by Simon & Schuster, while their Ebooks are sold via numerous venues, including their own website.

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