This week on the Baen Free Radio Hour

Name: BFRH 2018 05 04: David Weber in Roundtable Talk on Fan and Reader Interactions, Part 2; and Sharon Lee and Steve Miller's Alliance of Equals Part 50

Description: Part two of a two-part roundtable discussion with David Weber and members of fan and reader organizations BuNine and the Royal Manticoran Navy—groups that are devoted to Weber’s work. Appearing is Martin Lessum of the RMN, Christopher Weuve and Arius Kaufmann of BuNine, and con liaison Anton Petersen. The roundtable discusses the relationship of an author with his fans and readers, and the give-and-take that results, using the special case, and maybe the ideal case, of David Weber and his fandom and readership; and part fifty of the complete audiobook serialization of Liaden Universe® novel Alliance of Equals by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.