The Post-Apocalypse October Ebook Sale!

Until the stroke of midnight on Halloween, save big on
John Ringo ebooks!

Save $2 per ebook in John Ringo’s Black Tide Rising original series:

Under a Graveyard Sky
To Sail a Darkling Sea
Islands of Rage and Hope
Strands of Sorrow

Plus $1 off on other John Ringo ebooks. Includes:

The Legacy of the Aldenata (Posleen War) Series
A Hymn Before Battle Second Edition
Gust Front Second Edition
Hell’s Faire
When the Devil Dances
Eye of the Storm

with Julie Cochrane:
Cally’s War
Sister Time
The Honor of the Clan

with Tom Kratman:
The Tuloriad
Yellow Eyes
Watch on the Rhine

with Michael Z. Williamson:
The Hero

John Ringo’s Great Near Future Military Novel
The Last Centurion

Council Wars Series
There Will Be Dragons Second Edition
The Emerald Sea Second Edition
Against the Tide
East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Black Tide Rising Series (with Mike Massa)
River of Night
The Valley of Shadows

Black Tide Rising Shared World Anthologies, edited with Gary Poole
Black Tide Rising
Voices of the Fall

Black Tide Rising Novels by Charles E. Gannon
At the End of the World

Troy Rising Series
Live Free or Die
The Hot Gate

Paladin of Shadows (Ghost) Series
Choosers of the Slain
Unto the Breach

The Looking Glass Series (with Travis S. Taylor)
Into the Looking Glass
Vorpal Blade
Manxome Foe
Claws That Catch
Von Neumann’s War (with Travis S. Taylor)

Empire of Man Series (with David Weber)
March Upcountry
March to the Sea
March to the Stars
We Few

John Ringo’s Contemporary Fantasy Novels

Special Circumstances Series
Princess of Wands
Queen of Wands

Monster Hunter Memoirs (with Larry Correia)
Monster Hunter Memoirs: Grunge
Monster Hunter Memoirs: Sinners
Monster Hunter Memoirs: Saints

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