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In this issue: a big score and a chance for revenge, and Major Bhaajan faces her biggest challenge yet. Plus, a new story by D.J. Butler!
April 2022


There wasn’t much money to be made as a Trailblazer, searching out new worlds for possible development. Still, it was safer than the bounty hunter career that had cost Gregory Roarke his left arm six years ago. It was a quiet life, uneventful and mostly legal—until Roarke was approached by two men with a proposal: track down a mysterious woman named Tera and, through her, locate a secret project called Icarus. The challenge was intriguing. The unlimited budget was tempting. But Roarke had a more personal reason to accept the job.

The chance for long-delayed payback.

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When a serial killer-plot points to the Royalist political party, Major Bhaajan, former military officer turned private detective, is called back to Selei City to solve the crime. Bhaaj and her crew of Undercity Dust Knights plunge into the Byzantine world of Imperial politics—a jigsaw world where none of the pieces seem to fit. As the assassination plot becomes more and more convoluted, Bhaaj is kidnapped, threatened with death, and must fight for her life against the growing number of people threatened by her investigation. Bhaaj has faced all this and more, but now she must deal with something far deadlier—interstellar politics.

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story graphic 2022 Jim Baen Memorial Award Winer Announced

Baen Books is pleased to announce Elaine Midcoh as the winner of the 2022 JBM Award. Midcoh won the grand prize for her short story "Man in the Moon." She will be honored at the 2022 International Space Development Conference, in Arlington, VA, and her story will appear on later this year.

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New Fiction at

Window to the Future

John Abbott and his family hoped his new job on the far-flung colony world of Samovar would be a fresh start. The trip aboard the starship Oberon, while not the height of luxury, wasn’t so bad—except for the fact that there were no windows aboard the craft save the Observation Deck, which was reserved for dignitaries, a fact which was no end of frustration of Abbott’s young daughter Ellie. But now, they are about to reach their destination and their new lives. But before they do, they’ll have to find their dog Ani, who has gone missing aboard the Oberon, and in the process discover some strange—and wonderful—secrets.

Read “A Window on Samovar,” by D.J. Butler, here.

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April Ebook Sale

sale graphic Elfhome and More April Ebook Sale

This month marks the long-awaited return of Tinker in Harbinger. To celebrate, we’re offering discounts on all Wen Spencer backlist titles. From past entries in the Elfhome series to standalone novels, there’s something for everyone. From now until the end of April, get $1 off all Wen Spencer ebook backlist titles. And don’t forget to pick up the latest entry in the Elfhome series, Harbinger, while you’re at it!

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Don’t Touch That Dial: It’s the Baen Free Radio Hour

Coming soon to the Baen Free Radio Hour: Jane Lindskold on Over Where book two, The Aurora Borealis Bridge; editor Christopher Ruocchio and contributors to time-travel military SF anthology Time Troopers; and Sharon Lee and Steve Miller on Fair Trade.

Missed past episodes? No problem. We’ve got every episode archived for your listening pleasure. All previous episodes are also archived at Baen’s YouTube Channel. And check out the new optional video podcast format!

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Baen Books


The Icarus Plot - HALF
Timothy Zahn

A job tracking down a mysterious woman leads Trailblazer Gregory Roarke down a twisted path—and offers him a chance at revenge.
The Jigsaw Assassin - HALF
Catherine Asaro

When a serial killer-plot points to the Royalist political party, Major Bhaajan must return to the capital city. And there, she must face her most deadly foe yet: interstellar politics.
1812: The Rivers of War
Eric Flint

In this alternate history of the American frontier and the Jacksonian era, a small change takes place in the Battle of the Horseshoe Bend during the War of 1812. What results is a cascade of new developments that becomes an avalanche..
The Serpent
David Drake

Young knight Pal is one of the most respected members of Lord Jon’s Hall of Champions. Now, Pal will need all his talent to deal with the monsters the Waste throws at him, to unify the growing realm, and to rescue a damsel in distress who has been locked in a forcefield for decades.
The Family Business
Mike Kupari

A Federal Recovery Agent must hunt down a young woman implanted with an alien device and her mentally unstable, former commando boyfriend. The job sounds easy, but the young woman may have been implanted with something else, something much more important to the Visitors, and to the free people of Earth!
To Crush the Moon
Wil McCarthy

Once the Queendom of Sol was a glowing monument to humankind’s loftiest dreams. Ageless and immortal, its citizens lived in peaceful splendor. But as Sol buckled under the swell of an immorbid population, space itself literally ran out.
Crescendo of Fire
Marc Stiegler

The world’s most advanced rocket company suffers a catastrophic explosion that becomes a publicity disaster. Within hours, the new CEO Matt Toscano learns he faces much deeper trouble than a public relations problem: the California governor plans to destroy him. Suddenly mankind’s best hope of better space travel lies on the water, with the BrainTrust.

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Ring of Fire Press

The Bear Flag
Cecelia Holland

The year is 1846, and war is brewing between the United States and Mexico. Under the pretext of a scientific research expedition, Lt. John C. Fremont arrives in Sutter’s Fort. Also arriving in Sut-ter’s Fort is Cat Reilly, who has been widowed on the long trip west and is now in desperate cir-cumstances. Soon, Cat is plunged into a political maelstrom as Fremont sets up a California Repub-lic and later brings California into the union.

The Dragon’s Apprentice
David Carrico

Evann, having survived meeting dragons and becoming a wizard, is in a tough situation. He has no idea how to handle the spells he’s learned. So he’s come to the city of Morshton to find a wizard to teach him. But despite being taken on as an apprentice by Quinton, reputed to be the best wizard in the city, Evann’s troubles are far from over.

Wordfire Press

The Soul Weaver
Carol Berg

Half crazed with nightmare visions, pursued by accusations of treachery, the temptations of power, and his cruel past, the Prince of Avonar’s son flees beyond the boundaries of the world, only to discover that the key to the worlds’ corruption rests in his own scarred hands and a whisper buried deep in Avonar’s legends.

Cosmic Cats & Fantastic Furballs: Fantasy and Science Fiction Stories with Cats
Mary A. Turzillo

Angelic cats, dangerous cats, monster prehistoric cats, interplanetary cats, chocolate cats: purr while you read. A fun page-turner for fans of felines!

Easy to Be a God
Robert J. Szmidt

Rich space opera in a mind-boggling universe. In the 24th century, human civilization has made a great leap forward, colonizing over a thousand planets and exploring thousands more.

Guardians of the Keep
Carol Berg

A child with secrets, a sorcerer with a broken mind, a woman armed only with courage and wit, and an illiterate boy who knows everything of honor—all have been ensnared by the Lords of Zhev’Na in their plot to destroy D’Arnath's Bridge and plunge two worlds into chaos.

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