December Leigh Brackett Ebooks Sale

This December 7th marks the 108th birth anniversary of one of the great science fiction, mystery, and film writers of the twentieth century: Leigh Brackett. Known as the Queen of Space Opera, Brackett was also the screenwriter for such film classics as The Big Sleep, El Dorado, Rio Bravo, and The Empire Strikes Back. A huge influence on a young Ray Bradbury, who once completed one of Brackett’s novels in a pinch, her work has also touched Monalisa Foster, whose Baen Books debut Threading the Needle owes a debt to Brackett, as Foster writes in her introduction.

So to celebrate, we’re offering discounts on Baen Books’ Leigh Brackett back catalog: The Solar System series and The Eric John Stark series. (And to spread even more holiday cheer, we’re discounting Edmund Hamilton’s books in the latter series, for good measure.)

And be sure to keep an ear out for the Baen Free Library’s upcoming salute to Brackett, later this month.

Get the complete Solar System bundle and save
$7 here!

Eric John Stark Saga covers

Get the complete Eric John Stark bundle and save $8 here!

Eric John Stark Saga covers

Or Get $1 Off Individual Titles

The Solar System

Mercury's Light

Swamps of Venus

Sea Kings of Mars

Shadow Over Mars

Martian Quest

Beyond Mars

Alpha Centauri or Die

The Eric John Stark Saga

The Ginger Star: Volume I of The Book of Skaith

The Hounds of Skaith: Volume II of The Book of Skaith

The Reavers of Skaith: Volume III of The Book of Skaith

The Secret of Sinharat

People of the Talisman

Stark and the Star Kings (Edmond Hamilton and Leigh Brackett)

The Star Kings (Edmond Hamilton)

Return to the Stars

Sale ends December 31, 2023. Available wherever Baen Ebooks are sold.