June 2023 Contest Winner

Contest Winner

Last month, we asked you to write us a short, rhyming poem letting us know why you’d like to win or should win a signed copy of Gregory Frost’s Rhymer. Congrats to Houston Barnett-Gearhart!

In the realm of the twelfth-century balladry,
Lies a tale of Thomas, a figure of gallantry.
Known by many names, yet true at heart,
Against the Yvag, he's ready to impart.

From Tam Lin to Robin, his incarnations vast,
His courage and wits, unsurpassed.
When his brother was taken, he sought justice,
Against the skinwalkers, he bore no prejudice.

Imprisoned in an alien realm, he found his might,
Gained near-immortality, ready for the fight.
To save humanity, he's our only hope,
With Frost's "Rhymer," I wish to elope.

A signed copy, a treasure to win,
To delve into this tale, where do I begin?
For the love of stories, for the love of prose,
To Baen Books, my admiration flows.

—Houston Barnett-Gearhart