Time Enough at Last?

In On to the Asteroid, a big chunk of outer space is barreling straight for Earth. The intrepid men and women of the burgeoning private space industry are doing what they can to avoid a cataclysm—but it may be too late! Which got us thinking. If an asteroid were heading straight for us, and you weren’t sure if disaster could be avoided, what SF/F series would you read or re-read to pass the time until the (possible) apocalypse and why. Let us know for your chance to win a copy of On to the Asteroid, signed by Travis S. Taylor and Les Johnson.

Send your entry to contest@baen.com no later than August 20th. Put “August Contest” in the subject field and please remember to include your name! One entry per person, please. Entries become property of Baen Books and may be published as part of the winner announcement. Winner will be chosen by Baen editorial staff.

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