September Contest Winner

Contest Winner

To celebrate the release of Tim Aker's new novel Knight Watch, we asked you: What characters from Baen Books would you fit right in at Knight Watch, fighting baddies at the Ren Faire? Congrats to Ryan True. He wins a copy of Knight Watch, signed by Tim Akers.

There are many Baen characters that could fit in to fight baddies at Ren Faire. While Honor Harrington, Faith Smith, or Owen Pitt would be there to kick posterior and take names only one pair would be a perfect fit. Bahzell Bahnakson and Brandark Brandarkson would not only fit in as they are used to fighting monsters but they would match the Ren Faire flair. Especially Brandark as his flair for clothing and performing would result in him being the center of attention especially with his "Lay of Bahzell the Bloody Hand." Who doesn't love the bard who not only taunts you but then can defeat you in sword combat. As for Bahzell, who is going to argue with a massive mountain of paladin?

—Ryan True