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Contest News

In honor of the new anthology Black Tide Rising, we asked you what three Baen books you would bring along if you were caught in the zombie apocalypse. Congrats to Kim Schoeffel!

This was a hard choice as there are so many excellent reads.  The first book had to be the choice between Hank Reinhardt’s Book of Knives or Book of Swords. Since the surviving men and women are more dangerous than the zombies, I had to choose the one weapon I’d more likely find. Knowing how to best use a knife was paramount, so I chose Book of Knives. The next author had to be John Ringo and his Black Tide Rising series. Each of the titles in this series is an excellent choice but one stands out, the one he said he didn’t plan writing. It has individual survival and group tactics.  It has dogged persistence in the face of those lacking common sense. So I must choose Strands of Sorrow.  The last book is a collaboration of two of the best, David Weber and John Ringo. In addition it’s a twofer. It includes supreme arrogance and disgust. There is diligence to duty while lacking resources. There is triumph over unimaginable odds and survival. I chose Empire of Man. Now I have tools that give me hope and entertainment. Bless you, Baen!