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July Contest Winner

Contest Winner

In July, we asked you to write us lyrics for a Lunar Independence song in honor of Battle Luna, the new novel from Travis S. Taylor, Timothy Zahn, Michael Z. Williamson, Kacey Ezell, and Josh Hayes. Congrats to James O. Pentecost! He will receive a copy of Battle Luna, signed by the authors!

The Lunar National Anthem

(Sung to “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”)

When you see the Earth arisen’

Then you know just what to do.

You must spend the day surviving,

What ole’ Luna throws at you.

And through work and sweat and toil,

Will your troubles all be few?

Her freedom quest begun.


Luna, Luna, we are for you.

Stand beside us we implore you.

Shine your light up through the heavens,

For all the worlds to see.

When we first came here to Luna,

Just to form a colony.

Living in our domes of crystal,

Here at Fort Tranquility.

Though some others got us started,

Can we not someday be free?

Our battle’s just begun.


All our struggles here as miners

Just to feed our families.

Quickly turned to wealth and riches

With our new discovery.

But will finding it be easier,

then keeping it will be?

We’ll fight the battle on.


Well it makes you feel so helpless

When you see the enemy;

Coming over the Horizon

With their ships and armory.

Will they really try to take from us

The thing that makes us free?

We’ll fight them on and on.


It is said that freedom’s precious

To those longing to be free.

And though never our intention,

Revolution’s what must be.

When the fighting is all over,

Won’t we shout the victory?

For freedom is our goal.



As they fought their people’s battles

Shedding blood to make them free.

Though the battles fought were many,

Courageous valor can’t be beat.

For when finally came the vic’try

Was the taste of it not sweet?

Our future reign is long!


—James O. Pentecost