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July Contest Winner

Contest Winner

In July, we asked entrants to write us a 50-100-word short story that combines monsters and American Independence for a chance to win a signed copy of Monster Hunter Memoirs: Saints. Thanks for the amazing and sometimes mindbending replies! After due consideration, here’s the winning entry from K. Webb Williams.

by K. Webb Williams

Garth smelled the humans and bared his fangs. A quick hand signal had his Clan melting into the trees, their dark fur concealing them in the underbrush.

The redcoat humans had promised to leave their forests for good if the Clans hunted down the rebels. Once provoked though, the rebels had hunted the Clans down until Garth’s people were afraid to leave so much as a footprint in the forest.

The rebels passed by and Garth made the signal to move. One by one, the few remaining members of Clan Sasquatch moved north, away from the killer rebels.