This is a preliminary list of books published by Baen deemed by me, Toni Weisskopf, Publisher and executive editor, (with help from editor Hank Davis) to be suitable for an intelligent young adult reader. These are the books I would have read (and in some cases did read) when I was in middle and high school. I envision this list to be utilized by teachers, librarians and anyone else who has the urge to hook people on sf early.

While this is a core list selected from our top sellers, there are other titles not listed here published by Baen that are appropriate for young adults. I'll be adding more titles from our backlist and selecting new titles as they are published to update this list every three months or so.

As with any such list, it is bound to be idiosyncratic and in some cases I'm sure I'll hear about a title I've selected or left off the list. I welcome that feedback. If you've found a title that works particularly well with young adults that I've left off the list, please pass it on. Similarly, if you feel I've included a title with themes too mature for young adults, let me know that, too. You can contact me with comments at:

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