Baen mobi to epub transition
You can now email EPUB Ebooks to your device directly from!
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Dear Baen Books reader,

We’re happy to announce an easier way to deliver our Ebooks directly from to your favorite Ereader. You can now email EPUB files directly to your device from our site—no download necessary!

EPUB files are compatible with most Ereading devices, including Kindle, Apple, Nook, and Android. To send an EPUB directly to your Ereader, use the “Email Ebook to me” function found on a purchased Ebook’s product page or within your Order History.

Need help sending an EPUB to your Ereader? Email us!

Customers who prefer downloading their Ebooks will also see some changes. EPUB/Nook/Stanza format is now known as “EPUB/Kindle/Apple iOS/Nook Format.” The Mobi/Palm/Kindle format name has not changed, but please note that there may be changes in how this format can be loaded on your device.

For Kindle users: You may have received notice that Amazon no longer supports sending Mobi files to your device via the Kindle Documents Service. While EPUBs are now the preferred format for sending Ebook files via the Kindle Documents Service, Kindle still treats these Ebooks as “personal documents” on the device. Therefore, they may not have a cover image once delivered to your Kindle. We are hopeful that Kindle will offer better support for EPUBs soon. At this time, Amazon confirmed the Mobi files that already exist on your Kindle are still supported. Additionally, you can still side-load Mobi files onto your device. For more information about which file types Kindle Personal Documents Service supports, please visit Amazon Kindle Content Help.

If you have any questions regarding this transition, please email us at We always welcome any other feedback or ideas on how we can improve the customer experience.

Thanks for your support of Baen Books!

Baen Books Web Team


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