Save on a claymore spread of ebooks—and experience the legendary “Wrath of Kratman” firsthand! Retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel and creator of the best-selling, hard-hitting, and militarily astute Carerra science fiction series and more metes out retribution to those who would thwart the ways of vengeance and justice!

$2 off Tom Kratman’s latest Carerra novel:
Days of Burning, Days of Wrath

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Carerra Series
A Desert Called Peace, Second Edition
The Lotus Eaters
The Amazon Legion
Come and Take Them
The Rods and the Axe
A Pillar of Fire by Night
Terra Nova: The Wars of Liberation (collection)

Countdown Series
Countdown: The Liberators
Countdown: M Day
Countdown: H Hour

With John Ringo
Yellow Eyes
Watch on the Rhine

Available in the Baen Free Library
A State of Disobedience

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