The following is a list of all novels, short stories, and nonfiction pieces published by Baen Books in 2019, which are thereby eligible for most major awards:



  • The Storm, David Drake — Hardcover
  • Arkad’s World, James L. Cambias — Hardcover
  • Crimes Against Humanity, Susan R. Matthews — Trade Paperback


  • N/A

MARCH 2019

  • Moon Tracks, Travis S. Taylor & Jody Lynn Nye — Hardcover
  • Today I am Carey, Martin L. Shoemaker — Trade Paperback

APRIL 2019

  • 1637: The Polish Maelstrom, Eric Flint — Hardcover
  • A Witch in Time, Wm. Mark Simmons — Hardcover

MAY 2019

  • The Gordian Protocol, David Weber & Jacob Holo — Hardcover
  • By Demon Possessed, P.C. Hodgell — Trade Paperback

JUNE 2019

  • To Clear Away the Shadows, David Drake — Hardcover
  • My Enemy’s Enemy, Robert Buettner — Trade Paperback

JULY 2019

  • River of Night, John Ringo & Mike Massa — Hardcover
  • Marque of Caine, Charles E. Gannon — Trade Paperback
  • Tyger Burning, T.C. McCarthy — Trade Paperback


  • Monster Hunter Guardian, Larry Correia & Sarah A. Hoyt — Hardcover
  • Witchy Kingdom, D.J. Butler — Hardcover


  • 1636: The China Venture, Eric Flint & Iver P. Cooper — Hardcover


  • The Waters and the Wild, Mercedes Lackey & Rosemary Edghill — Hardcover
  • Antediluvian, Wil McCarthy — Hardcover


  • Council of Fire, Eric Flint & Walter H. Hunt — Hardcover
  • The Cunning Man, D.J. Butler & Aaron Michael Ritchey — Trade Paperback
  • 1636: The Flight of the Nightingale, David Carrico — Trade Paperback


  • Accepting the Lance, Sharon Lee & Steve Miller — Hardcover


  • Man-Kzin Wars XV, Created by Larry Niven — Trade Paperback
  • Voices of the Fall, ed. By John Ringo & Gary Poole — Trade Paperback
  • Noir Fatale, ed. By Larry Correia & Kacey Ezell — Hardcover
  • A Liaden Universe Constellation, Vol. 4, Sharon Lee & Steve Miller — Trade Paperback
  • The Year’s Best Military & Adventure SF, Vol. 5 — ed. By David Afsharirad — Trade Paperback
  • Terra Nova: The Wars of Liberation, ed. By Tom Kratman — Trade Paperback
  • Stellaris: People of the Stars, ed. By Les Johnson & Robert E. Hampson — Trade Paperback
  • The Chronicles of Davids, ed. By David Afsharirad — Trade Paperback
  • Straight Outta Deadwood, ed. By David Boop — Trade Paperback
  • The Best of Jerry Pournelle, ed. By John F. Carr — Trade Paperback
  • Target Rich Environment, Vol. 2, Larry Correia — Hardcover
  • Freehold: Resistance, ed. By Michael Z. Williamson — Trade Paperback
  • Space Pioneers, ed. By Hank Davis & Christopher Ruocchio — Mass Market Paperback


  • “The Testimony of the Traitor Ratul,” Larry Correia
  • “Today I Remember,” Martin L. Shoemaker
  • “Extracurricular,” Wm. Mark Simmons
  • “Waiting for the Talisman,” P.C. Hodgell
  • “Voodoo Magic,” Robert Buettner
  • “Burners,” Matt McHugh
  • “Treason Properly,” J.J. Cragun
  • “Talk Girl,” Wil McCarthy
  • “Weeping Willikers,” Aaron Michael Ritchey
  • “A Visit to the Galaxy Ballroom,” Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
  • “Next Giant Leap,” Patrick Chiles


  • “Swords of Lok: A Historical Approach to the Edged Weapons of Larry Correia's High Fantasy World,” Whit Williams
  • “Principles of Organization for War and Organizing for War in the Carreraverse: Part Four: Military Organization of Carrera's Legions,” Tom Kratman
  • “Genetics Advice for Generation Starships,” Dan Koboldt
  • “The Evolution of Body Armor,” Michael Z. Williamson
  • “Warships of Sea and Space: Form Follows Function Follows Technology,” Jim Beall
  • “Warships of Sea and Space: Form Follows Function Follows Technology, Part II,” Jim Beall
  • “Do You Believe in the Singularity?,” Dr. Robert E. Hampson
  • “As Big as Space Itself: Building Our Own Space Megastructures—and Searching for Them as Galactic Signatures of Alien Civilizations,” Les Johnson
  • “The Universe Beyond the Plasma Frequency,” Kerry Hensley
  • “Man Caves: Humanity's Next Home,” Ken Roy

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