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In this issue: An alternate history in which global communism might not take hold, an epic fantasy by the author of the Caine Riordan series, a wagon train to the stars, and more!
    August 2021


Mankind's history is bound up in the fabric of fate, a strong cloth, tough and closely woven. Consider 1918. The last year of the greatest war in human history, to date. As the belligerents stagger, Russia descends into civil war and chaos. It is there that a once mighty family await their fate. But even the strongest fabric has flaws. An escaped prisoner of war, injured but still highly capable, may be one. An airship at loose ends after a failed mission might be another. A German general suddenly coming face to face with the reality of the monster rising in the east could be a third. And if all these loose threads are somehow yanked out together, the effect just might be enough to tear the fabric of time, and to rescue a desperate family—a family that happens to contain the last heirs of the Tsars of old Russia, and perhaps the Russia that is to come!

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Since boyhood, Druadaen expected he’d command an elite legion and become the leader his father predicted he would be. Fate had other plans. Assigned to a small group of outriders tasked with watching nearby kingdoms, Druadaen discovers that the larger world is riddled with impossibilities. How do humanoid raiders, known as the Bent, suffer staggering losses and yet return as a vast horde every decade? How do multiton dragons fly? How have fossils formed in a world which sacrists insist has existed for only ten millennia? To solve these mysteries, Druadaen journeys into the dank warrens of the Bent, seeks out a dragon’s lair, and ventures into long-buried ruins in search of ancient scrolls. But Druadaen’s most lethal enemies might lurk in even more unusual places: the temples and council chambers of his own homeland.

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The final frontier ain’t so final in these twelve tales of space exploration and adventure. There’s a story for everyone who’s ever dreamed of taking that star-dusty trail to the farthest stars. Or of facing down a belligerent alien at high noon in a frontier settlement under the light of a strange sun.

Get ready to hit the hyper-thrusters as you set course for adventure, mystery, romance, and two-lasergun slinging action! Yarns by Elizabeth Moon, Alan Dean Foster, Jane Lindskold, Wil McCarthy, Martin Shoemaker, Alex Shvartsman, and more.

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The Man Who Would be Dracula

What happened to all the old monsters? There was a time when the vampire and the werewolf were universally acknowledged and feared; and then suddenly we all lived in an age of reason, and no-one believed in monsters out of fairy-tales. But in reality the monsters chose to vanish from view, disappearing into the underworld of crime to discover new ways to prey on Humanity. Enter Daniel and Tina: owners of Jekyll & Hyde, Inc. They have drunk Edward Hyde’s Elixir, becoming both more and less human in order to defeat the monster clans. They are the last of the “Hydes,” but they’re still looking for a few good monsters . . .

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August Ebooks Sale


Save on a claymore spread of ebooks—and experience the legendary “Wrath of Kratman” firsthand! Retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel and creator of the best-selling, hard-hitting, and militarily astute Carerra science fiction series and more metes out retribution to those who would thwart the ways of vengeance and justice!

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Don’t Touch That Dial: It’s the Baen Free Radio Hour

Coming soon to the Baen Free Radio Hour: Larry Correia on new Monster Hunter novel Monster Hunter Bloodlines. Plus David Weber, Wen Spencer, Lou Berger, and editors on A.I. super-tank anthology World Breakers.

Missed past episodes? No problem. We’ve got every episode archived for your listening pleasure. All previous episodes are also archived at Baen’s YouTube Channel, here. And check out the new optional video podcast format!

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Baen Books


The Romanov Rescue - HALF
Tom Kratman, Justin Watson, Kacey Ezell

An escaped prisoner of war, the crew of an airship at loose ends after a failed mission, and a German general must come together to save the Russian royal family and prevent the scourge of communism taking hold.
This Broken World - HALF
Charles E. Gannon

Fate has plans for a young man destined to become a military leader when he begins to question everything about the world as he knows it, in a new fantasy novel from award-winning author Charles E. Gannon.
Gunfight on Europa Station - HALF
edited by David Boop

The final frontier ain’t so final in these twelve tales of space exploration and adventure. Get ready to hit the hyper-thrusters as you set course for adventure, mystery, romance, and two-lasergun slinging action! Yarns by Elizabeth Moon, Alan Dean Foster, Jane Lindskold, Wil McCarthy, Martin Shoemaker, Alex Shvartsman, and more.
In Fury Born
David Weber

An elite warrior in a line stretching to the U.S. Marines of old Earth is born and comes into her power in a mega-novel of heroism and adventure by multiple New York Times best-seller David Weber, creator of the Honor Harrington saga!
1637: No Peace Beyond the Line
Eric Flint & Charles E. Gannon

Dragon Award nominee for Best Alternate History. It’s 1637 in the Caribbean Commander Eddie Cantrell and his ally and friend Admiral Martin Tromp start the year with some nasty surprises for Imperial Spain, which is determined to possess the new black gold of the Americas. Now the battle for the New World has begun, and it is a fight to the finish!
Serpent Daughter D.J. Butler

Sarah Calhoun has taken the Serpent Throne, but she may be dying. Forces are allied against her, from without as well as from within. To survive, Sarah must enact an ancient rite that will propel her beyond mortality, and lend her strength to fight.
Reap the Whirlwind - HALF
C.J. Cherryh & Mercedes Lackey

The Roman Empire. Imagine its fall. Now imagine that warring time with cannon—and a working system of magic. C.J. Cherryh did. Cherryh has explored the fall of empires and the impact of technological knowledge while replacing the repressed religion of the Christians with a Church of Knowledge.

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*This Baen Ebooks subscription bundle will dissolve on November 2, 2021. After that date, these books will be available for individual sale only.*

Pinbeam Books

Bad Actors
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

Together again for the first time! Three stories set in the Liaden Universe®, featuring characters who may not embrace honor fully. Included are: Excerpt from Two Lives, Dark Secrets, and Revolutionists.

Wordfire Press

Bander Snatch
Kevin O'Donnell, Jr.

A gritty dystopian future. Cities in the ruins of Earth have turned into Jungles. Safe havens to shelter the rich, the privileged . . . but not so safe. He rules this part of the Jungle, a young man, a street-wise leader, a legend. They call him Bander Snatch. Now a powerful, telepathic alien race has chosen Bander Snatch for a new mission, and he must meet the ultimate test both on his own, devastated turf and the most exotic of worlds.

Fairwood Press

Ken Rand

Just as devastating medical bills are about to force the Ian McGinnis Auto Daredevil Thrill Show into bankruptcy, a tire company dangles a huge sponsorship that could save the show and family fortunes. But, of course, there's a catch . . . Ian must do it to save his family, but it could kill him—or the young motorcycle stunt rider who has fallen in love with his daughter.

Fantastic Americana
Josh Roundtree

Travel an American landscape of endless highways, video stores that never close, and lonesome cabins stalked by nightmares. Josh Roundtree’s second collection gathers fifteen years of stories, including two originals never before published.

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