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About the Author

Thomas T. Thomas is a writer with a career spanning forty years in book editing, technical writing, public relations, and popular fiction writing. Among his various careers, he has worked at a university press, a tradebook publisher, an engineering and construction company, a public utility, an oil refinery, a pharmaceutical company, and a supplier of biotechnology instruments and reagents. He published eight novels and collaborations in science fiction with Baen Books and is now working on more general and speculative fiction. When he’s not working and writing, he may be out riding his motorcycle, practicing karate, or wargaming with friends. Catch up with him at

Photo by Robert L. Thomas

Books by Thomas T. Thomas


The Judge’s Daughter


Trojan Horse

Baen Books and eBooks:

The Doomsday Effect (as by “Thomas Wren”)

First Citizen

ME: A Novel of Self-Discovery


Baen Books in Collaboration:

An Honorable Defense (with David Drake)

The Mask of Loki (with Roger Zelazny)

Flare (with Roger Zelazny)

Mars Plus (with Frederik Pohl)

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