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Every author works alone, usually in a closed room and often at night. Sometimes it feels as if we’re sending messages to Mars by the dark of the Moon. If we have the opportunity to work in collaboration with another writer, then we can bounce ideas around, test them out before they become fixed on the page, and feel the reassuring pressure of another mind to keep us sane. On a solo book, a writer gets some of this contact and comfort from the efforts of a competent editor: at least the book goes off into the darkness after some other mind has first given it a thoughtful run-through. In the new world of ebooks, however, where the self-published author may be working without the safety net of a professional editor, we have to rely on the generosity of others.

With the supposedly finished manuscript of The Children of Possibility in hand, I was able to call on a circle of long-time friends and family members—all of whom have a professional oar in the writing and publishing business and who have taken an interest in my work. They agreed to read the manuscript and give detailed feedback. Their critical review, insights, and suggestions make this story the finished work it hopes to be. My heartfelt thanks to:

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