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In this issue: April Storms in with Baen Extras!
   April 2011
   April Storms in with Baen Extras!
Tom Kratman Comes to Grip with Female Warriors

Eric Flint Waxes Historical

Gregory Benford Settles Ganymede

Astrid Anderson Bear Considers Flandry & Her Dad's Legacy

Jody Lynn Nye Delivers a Sparkling Dispatch from the Imperium of Wit

Plus: A Contest of Van Rijnistic Proportions

And How to Indulge Your Heroic Side!

Alternate History Master Eric Flint on the Writer's Life, His Work—and an E-book Prediction!

"On an emotional level, 1632 has had a much deeper impact than anything else I've written, at least for most people," says alternate history master, Eric Flint. Baen Associate Editor Laura Haywood-Cory gets down to brass tacks with the Ring of Fire series creator on Flint's new single-author blast-from-the-alternate past, 1636: The Saxon Uprising! 

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New Flint blockbuster 1636: The Saxon Uprising premieres in April.

Contest the Best Van Rijnisms from Poul Anderson's Legendary Galactic Trader!

Behind the buffoonish blarney and bawdy bonhomie of Falstaffian star trader Nicoloas Van Rijn is a man who gets things done of galactic proportions! Send your favorite verbal tidbits from Poul Anderson's legendary Van Rijn to (be sure to include "Van Rijnisms Contest" in the subject line) and get a chance to win a complete set of Anderson's Technic Civilization e-books!

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Eros Makes Mars His B—…Er, Eros Mocks War! Kratman on Modern-Day Amazons.

Amazon Legion author and and U.S. Army Colonel Tom Kratman pulls no punches (hey, what do you expect from Kratman?) on the role of women in the military and in the line of fire. The results will surprise you! Hey, what do you expect from Kratman?

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Retired U.S. Army colonel Tom Kratman, creator of the Carrera and Countdown sagas, could probably stare down an inbound ICBM.

SF legend Gregory Benford kicks off a new future history essay series for
Gregory Benford Channels the Spirit of Heinlein's Future History!

SF Legend Gregory Benford gets down to the nitty-gritty of living on Ganymede in the first installment of a new future history extravaganza, How the Solar System Was Won. "When you're swinging around Jupiter, living meters away from lethal radiation, you stick to facts. You get so vectors and grease seals and hydraulic fittings are more important than pretty views or poetry or maybe even people."

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Astrid Anderson Bear Considers Flandry—and Her Father's Legacy!

Astrid Bear, Poul Anderson's daughter and an SF fan legend in her own right (oh, and she's also married to multiple Hugo- and Nebula-winner Greg Bear) spins the fascinating story behind the creation of space opera icon Sir Dominic Flandry, the fall of the Technic Civilization, and April's massive Anderson finale, Flandry's Legacy.

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Doyenne of masquerades and fiber artist extraordinaire Astrid Anderson Bear is SF grandmaster Poul Anderson's daughter.

Jeeves Takes to Space!

Jody Lynn Nye’s View from the Imperium is an SF high comedy with roots in the great works of P.G. Wodehouse and his Jeeves series. Nye discusses her delightfully witty and exciting new book, her comedic influences—and we get a bit of advice for new SF writers who might be attempting the double-whammy of comedy and science fiction!

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View from the Imperium author Jody Lynn Nye never diverts her characters’ feet from the banana peel.

Indulge Your Heroic Side!

Create your own heroes and villains in the world where Invasion was born! Click here to start playing City of Heroes now.

Visit the City of Heros website.

April Towers of Power

1636: The Saxon Uprising
Eric Flint

The time-tossed West Virginia town that changed the past forever faces a massive challenge in war-torn 17th century Europe as multiple New York Times best-seller and alternate history master serves up a Ring of Fire series blockbuster!

The Amazon Legion
Tom Kratman

Earth's totalitarians attempt to hold a world nuclear hostage, but a battle-tested cadre of warrior women are determined to save their planet from tyranny in this new chapter in Tom Kratman's relentlessly hard-hitting Carrera series.
Flandry's Legacy
Poul Anderson

In the twilight of the Terran Empire, one man works to save the crooked regime he serves—whether his "betters" appreciate his efforts or not! The concluding Flandry novels and stories from science fiction master, Poul Anderson.
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

Two visionaries. One doom. One faint—but abiding—hope: to overcome mutual distrust and make a last stand for freedom in a world of magic!
View from the Imperium
Jody Lynn Nye

Jeeves Takes to Space! Good-hearted, but not-so-bright Ensign Thomas Kinago has received his first ship command and it's up to Kinago's quick-witted and plucky manservant Parsons to save the galaxy—and, of course, his young master—from total disaster!
Exodus: The Ark
Paul Chafe

Millennia into a 10,000-year journey, an escaped slave discovers that he's on a vessel, not a closed world. Now he's determined to return the ship to its original purpose—and to restore freedom to the last remnant of humanity once more!

Coming in May

The Hot Gate
John Ringo

May Madness: Ringo returns with a new entry in the Troy Rising Series!
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