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Grantville Gazette Volume 38

Table of Contents

What is this? About the Grantville Gazette
The Game of War Written by Robert E. Waters
The Play's the Thing Written by Bradley H. Sinor and Tracy S. Morris
Paper Mate Written by Kerryn Offord
The Arrow Written by Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett
Mitzi the Kid Written by Kevin H. and Karen C. Evans
The Lesser of the Two Evils Written by Jack Carroll
Aerial Donkeys Written by Herbert Sakalaucks
Letters Home, 1 and 2 Written by Tim Roesch
Second Chance Bird, Episode Seven Written by Garrett W. Vance
The White Plague Written by Brad Banner
The New Royal Touch: Synthesis of Anti-TB Drugs Written by Iver P. Cooper
Hydrogen: The Gas of Levity Written by Iver P. Cooper
TMI Written by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
City Slickers, Country Bumpkins, Ants, Robots and Mutants, Part 1. Written by Bud Webster
For the Love of Sin Written by Gary Cuba

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