The City Who Fought

Simeon was a shell-person—the brain who ran Space Station SSS-900 on the fringes of human space. But things hadn’t been going too well lately, and he was more than a little discontented. Though normally he enjoyed his work, these days it seemed boring. To make matters worse, his long-time partner had just retired and he was having a hard time adjusting to his newly assigned brawn—a strong-willed woman named Channa Hap who seemed to feel it her duty to keep him in line. He’s buried himself in his favorite pastime—wargaming.

Simeon’s hobby would find unexpected uses when the brutal Kolnari attack the nearby colony planet Bethel. Sheltering the colony’s refugees brought “the city” an invitation to serious trouble with Kolnari pirates. And only Simeon and Channa working together can save the city.