Detroit Christmas

Detroit Christmas

Private eye Jake Sullivan is a war hero—and an ex-con. He's free because he has a magical talent and the Feds need his help in apprehending criminals with their own magical abilities. Jake's talent is gravity spiking. He can vary the force of gravity however he wishes in an area. When it comes to spiking, Jake is the best.

Now a rich beauty walks into his office to hire Jake to find her missing husband, a magical healer who has ties to the Detroit mob. Jake takes the case, but little does he know that there are plots within plots waiting to ensnare him, and solving the case may require fighting for his life with the odds stacked against him.

But Jake is used to that. And now it's Christmas. Time to deck the walls with splattered bodies!

Detroit Christmas is a richly imagined, fully produced audio play, with original music, film-quality sound effects, and an amazing cast.

This audio drama is available in both WAV and MP3 formats. The play sounds great in MP3 format. WAV files have a large dynamic range and are suitable for high quality sound systems.

Free Short Stories 2011

In January of 2011 we started posting free short stories we thought might be of interest to Baen readers. The first stories were "Space Hero" by Patrick Lundrigan, the winner of the 2010 Jim Baen Memorial Short Story Contest, and "Tanya, Princess of Elves," by Larry Correia, author of Monster Hunter International and set in that universe. As new stories are made available, they will be posted on the main page, then added to this book (to save the Baen Barflies the trouble of doing it themselves).

As is usual with such copyrighted material from Baen, the contents may be copied and shared but NOT sold. All commercial rights are reserved to Baen Books.

Space Hero

by Patrick Lundrigan

Tanya: Princess of the Elves

by Larry Correia

The Grimnoir Chronicles: Detroit Christmas

by Larry Correia


by Travis S. Taylor

Mole Hunt

by Robert Buettner

Intelligent Design

by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

The Brute Force Approach

by Michael Z. Williamson

Honorverse Tech Bu9

by David Weber and Ken Burnside

The Talisman's Trinket

by P. C. Hodgell

Murder at Ford’s Theater

by Bob Conroy

Pawn to King Four

by Timothy Zahn