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In this issue: monsters, star pilots, and a clash of galactic kings–plus all new eArcs!
   May 2011
Monsters and Galactic Adventure Abound

New June eArcs

Monster Hunter Alpha Get Your Monster Hunt On

Earl Harbinger of Monster Hunter International faces down an old nemesis—a very nasty former KGB werewolf who may be working to create a new, unstoppable breed. Now all that stands in the way of a nefarious plot is a handful of locals, a ton of firepower, and Harbinger’s stubborn refusal to roll over and play dead. The latest entry in Larry Correia’s Wall Street Journal breakthrough bestseller Monster Hunter saga has arrived.

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Ghost Ship Theo Takes to the Stars

“I rarely rave on and on about stories, but I am devoted to Lee and Miller novels and stories.”
—Anne McCaffrey

Theo Waitley. Ace starship pilot. Pure maverick. Theo has survived Academy training and her destiny as master pilot and leader of a powerful clan calls. But there are many enemies who will try to make sure Theo is quite dead before she has the chance to make an answer! The rousing sequel to Saltation. Master storytellers Sharon Lee and Steve Miller’s mighty Liaden Universe® series continues.

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Wild Side The Love that Only Comes Out at Night

When the werewolf cubs are asleep and the baby vamps are tucked into their coffins, the adults come out to play! Tales of love, eros, betrayal and seduction in a fantastic vein from best-sellers Tanya Huff, Caitlin Kittredge, Toni L.P. Kelner as well as Dana Cameron, Sarah Hoyt, John Lambshead, Diana Rowland and SF adventure master Mark L. Van Name. From steampunk London to the bleeding edge of the present, a dazzling cast of vampires, werewolves, witches and zombies, oh my. Oh my.

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Starfire Aliens Contest!

Background: Steve White (with ace collaborator Charles E. Gannon) is back with a new action-packed Starfire universe novel, Extremis, and we’re celebrating with a new contest! Of the ten alien species represented in the many thousands of pages of novels in the series–the Bugs, the catlike Orions, the centauroid Tangri, and more–we’d like you pick your favorite and in 250 words or less tell us why you like them (i.e. why they are nasty, cool, fascinating, etc.). The entries will be judged by Steve White himself and three winners awarded signed copies of the first edition of Extremis along with copies of the Starfire strategy game.

E-mailed entries are due by July 15th to

Complete info here

New Free Fiction, Columns and More

Travis S. Taylor Brings on a Clash of Galactic “Kings”

Bow down to the self-styled Emperor of the Universe and you and your species get to be drafted as cannon fodder. Not much fun. But refuse and it’s the Hell of a black hole’s eternal event horizon for you and all those you love! A compelling and action-packed new story by National Geographic channel regular and NASA and DOD consultant Travis S. Taylor, author of Back to the Moon and The Tau Ceti Agenda saga.

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Benford’s Future History Marches Onward

Physicist and SF Legend Gregory Benford continues his nitty-gritty extrapolation on colonizing Ganymede. It’s the second fascinating installment of his new future history, “How the Solar System Was Won.”

Read “Terraforming Ganymede with Robert A. Heinlein” now

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Sink Your Fangs into The Wild Side Reader’s Guide

Get into a monstrous discussion of sex, dark love and the boundaries of urban fantasy. Our reader’s guide to cutting-edge erotic urban fantasy anthology The Wild Side will give your reading discussion group or book club provocative food for thought on each and every exciting story in the collection.

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Baen’s Taylor and Boan Feature in Television’s
When Aliens Attack!

Catch the debut on May 22 at 7 p.m. EST of Travis S. Taylor and Bob Boan on National Geographic Channel’s cool new offering When Aliens Attack. Taylor and Boan serve as primary science consultants and appear in major portions throughout. And check out the site videos where you may find other Baen authors making appearances, as well!

New August 2011 WebScription Releases

Ghost Ship - HALF
Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

Theo Waitley, ace starship pilot and heir to a powerful Liaden Universe® clan comes of age in a dangerous galaxy. The rousing sequel to Saltation.
The Wild Side: Urban Fantasy with an Erotic Edge - HALF
Mark L. Van Name, editor

Tales of love, eros, betrayal and seduction in a beguiling vein from best-selling authors. When the werewolf cubs are asleep and the baby vamps are tucked into their coffins, the adults come out to play.
First Command - HALF
A. Bertram Chandler

The second in a three-volume collection of the legendary John Grimes books! It’s classic Star Trek meets the high seas.
Monster Hunter Alpha - HALF
Larry Correia

Earl Harbinger of Monster Hunter International faces down an old nemesis—a very nasty former KGB werewolf who may be working to create a new, unstoppable breed.
Do Unto Others
Michael Z. Williamson

An army of hired goons descends upon a lonely interstellar mining outpost. The test is on for a tough-as-nails mine owner and her crew. Compulsively readable SF adventure from frequent John Ringo collaborator Michael Z. Williamson.
John Ringo and Brian M. Thomsen

Gritty takes on future combat by legendary SF writers who are also citizen warriors and veterans. Penetrating looks into the warrior’s character and how a society deals with those it desperately needs and often fails to honor as it should.
Tran - HALF
Jerry Pournelle and Roland Green

U.S. Army Captain Rick Galloway is dropped on a distant world inhabited by humans transplanted in the past from now-vanished nations. A fascinating entry in the legendary Janisaries series.

May 2011 Night Shade eBooks

Dancing with Bears
Michael Swanwick

Darger and Surplus: con men who have lied and cheated their way onto the caravan that is delivering a priceless gift from the Caliph of Baghdad to the Duke of Muscovy. But as these two connive to make off with a priceless bounty, the only thing more dangerous than the convoluted political web they weave is the gift itself, the Pearls of Byzantium, and Zoësophia, the governess sworn to protect their virtue. Steampunk espionage and adventure from multiple award-winner Michael Swanwick.

Eclipse Four
Jonathan Strahan

In the spirit of classic science fiction anthologies such as Universe and Orbit, master anthologist Jonathan Strahan (The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year) delivers new fiction by some of the genre’s most celebrated authors, including Andy Duncan, Caitlín R. Kiernan, Damien Broderick, Michael Swanwick, Nalo Hopkinson, Gwyneth Jones and many more. Startling new tales of the strange and wonderful at the luminous cutting edge where reality is eclipsed by something magical and new.

Frederik Pohl, Builder of Worlds

Frederik Pohl Bundle Volume II

Volume II of two blockbuster compilations of the best of SF storytelling legend, Frederik Pohl. You’ll get Pohlian wit, wisdom and adventure in his near future romps, his insightful tales featuring the shape of humanity to come, as well as within Pohl’s fascinating takes on how to deal with deceptive and/or invidious aliens. And, as always with Frederik Pohl, each and every one of the books in the bundle abounds with wonder inducing ideas galore! For the next two months, Volume II of the Best of Frederik Pohl will go for $40. Then the e-volume dissolves and we offer the individual e-book titles for $5 each.

The bundled volume includes: The World at the End of Time, Narabedla, Ltd., Homegoing, Slave Ship, The Age of the Pussyfoot, Pohlstars, Mining the OortZ, The Voices of Heaven, O Pioneer!, and The Early Pohl.

Don’t forget to check out the Baen new book releases. And for upcoming appearances by Baen authors and editors, check here.

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