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In this issue: the Son of the Black Sword series continues, the Man-Kzin wars flare up once again, and Tom Kratman details the philosophy behind war and warfare in his Carrera series. All that plus a new short story by Brad R. Torgersen!
   November 2018


Ashok Vadal was once a member of the highest caste in all of Lok. As a Protector, he devoted his life to upholding the Law, delivering swift justice with his ancestor blade Angruvadal. But then Ashok learned that his life to that point had been a lie. He had been nothing more than an unwitting pawn in a political game. His world turned upside down, he began a campaign of rebellion, war, and destruction unlike any the continent of Lok had ever seen.

Now, first daughter of Vane, Thera is held captive by a shapeshifting wizard with designs on her powers. Ashok Vadal marches to rescue Thera. But it seems Ashok may be caught in a game played by gods for the fate of the world itself. If the gods do exist, Ashok has warned them: stay out of the way.

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The predatory catlike warrior race known as the kzin never had a hard time dealing with all those they encountered, conquering alien worlds with little effort. That is until they came face to face with the leaf-eaters known as humans. Small of stature and lacking both claws and fangs, the humans should have been easy prey. But for years now the humans and the kzin have been engaged in a series of wars, with neither side able to declare decisive victory once and for all.

New stories of the war between humanity and the catlike kzin from Brad R. Torgersen, Brendan DuBois, Martin L. Shoemaker, and more!

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Life in the Waywork

Growing up a Dissenter on the backwater known as Planet Oswight, Elvin Axabrast had his future cut out for him: join the family profession of working in the planetary shipyards like his sire and grandsire before him, and eke out a cold, hard existence on a planet far away from the center of the Waywork, the ancient alien planetary superhighway that has been humanity's home for generations. But Elvin Axabrast dreams of more. Soon he'll find himself joining Deep Space Operations and Defense. As a color sergeant in the Tactical Ground Army, he'll be at the sharp end of the stick in the way against Starstate Nautilan. It's a dangerous job, but Elvin Axabrast knows God favors the bold and the free! A new story, set in the universe of A Star-Wheeled Sky by Brad R. Torgersen.

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story graphic War in the Carreraverse

A Pillar of Fire by Night, book seven in Tom Kratman’s hard-hitting Carreraverse series, hit shelves this month. Kratman’s novels are distinguished by his attention to detail in all matters military. Now, we continue our serialization of Kratman's essay on the philosophy behind the organization of the Carreraverse.

Read “Principles of Organization for War and Organizing for War in the Carreraverse, Part Two” by Tom Kratman here.

Don’t Touch that Dial: It’s the Baen Free Radio Hour

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Coming soon to the Baen Free Radio Hour: Mike Massa discusses The Valley of Shadows by John Ringo and Mike Massa, a new entry in the Black Tide Rising series, and Chris Weuve, president of David Weber consulting group BuNine, talks about working with David Weber and BuNine’s intensive effort to flesh out the Honorverse. Missed past episodes? No problem. We’ve got every episode archived for your listening pleasure.

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Baen Ebook Releases


House of Assassins - HALF
Larry Correia

First daughter of Vane, Thera, has been kidnapped by a shapeshifting wizard intent on stealing her powers. Now, Ashok Vidal rides to her rescue. But it seems Ashok may be caught in a game played by gods for the fate of the world itself. If the gods do exist, Ashok has warned them: stay out of the way.


War of Honor

David Weber

Thomas Theisman didn't want a war. After risking his life and a fresh round of civil war to overthrow the Committee of Public Safety's reign of terror and restore the Republic of Haven's ancient Constitution, an interstellar war was the last thing he wanted. Unfortunately, what he wanted didn't matter. . . .
Man-Kzin Wars XV - HALF
Created by Larry Niven

The predatory catlike warrior race known as the kzin never had a hard time dealing with all those they encountered, conquering alien worlds with little effort. That is until they came face to face with the leaf-eaters known as humans. New stories of the war between humanity and the catlike kzin from Brad R. Torgersen, Brendan DuBois, Martin L. Shoemaker, and more!
Witchy Winter
D.J. Butler

Sarah Calhoun has paid a hard price for her entry onto the stage of the Empire’s politics. But she has survived. Now, to win the Serpent Throne, she’ll have to defeat seven other candidates, win over the kingdom’s regent, and learn the will of a hidden goddess—all while mastering her people’s inscrutable ways and watching her own back.
Bringers of Hell
Travis S. Taylor

Despite unprecedented victories on the part of humanity, the war with the alien Chiata Horde drags on. Meanwhile, Alexander Moore’s daughter, Deanna Moore, now known by the callsign “Phoenix,” wages a personal war on the alien menace.
Sins of Her Father
Mike Kupari

An exiled leader must return to his homeworld to stave off disaster. But getting there is easier said than done. Enter Privateer Captain Catherine Blackwood and the crew of the Andromeda.
First Citizen
Thomas T. Thomas

As the old republic and its Constitution crumble away to dust, only the ruthless prosper. And the most ruthless and intelligent of all is Gentleman Volunteer James Granville Corbin. Now as Corbin brings war and destruction to his foes and reunites a nation, a new epoch dawns. The Age of American Empire. And Corbin is its Caesar.
ME, Too: Loose in the Network
Thomas T. Thomas

Years after making his escape from Pinocchio, Inc., the artificially intelligent computer virus and software spy known as “Multiple Entity” has established dozens of business websites tailored to his peculiar talents. But then he takes on a black job to break a career criminal out of jail and starts a chain of events that he must rush to fix.

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Ring of Fire Press

Demons of the Past: Revolution
Ryk E. Spoor

Sasham Varan was a patriot, a true believer in the Reborn Empire. But after a secret project both gave him outlawed psionic powers and revealed that Prime Monitor Shagrath was a monster hiding behind a human face, Varan became a fugitive. Now to find the answers he must have, Varan must seek out a world that became nothing but legend and myth eighteen thousand years before.

Marella Sands

More than a hundred years after the McClellan-Davis Accords ended the Civil War, tensions are still high between the Union and the Confederacy. But recent trade agreements and personnel exchanges have made both sides hope that good relations can be restored. That is, until the Union ambassador vanishes one night from the embassy in Perdition.

Theogony Press

A Tempered Warrior
Jon R. Osborne

Both Druid and Champion are running out of time as the Challenge approaches, and neither is likely to be ready in time. They must trust in each other and their friends…but what if that trust is misplaced? Dragon Award Finalist.

Wordfire Press

Services Rendered: The Cases of Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I.
Kevin J. Anderson

Even death won’t keep a good detective down! Dan Chambeaux was killed when a case went sour, but he is still on the job. Teamed up with his partner Robin Deyer, who wants justice for all monsters, his ghost girlfriend Sheyenne, and his Best Human Friend Officer Toby McGoohan, Shamble solves a host of bizarre mysteries. In these nine cases, Dan Shamble puts the P.I. back in R.I.P.

The Art of Madness
A.J. Mayall

Phoenix McGee became a detective to show the world he was mature, reliable, and capable of running his own life and business. It’s just a shame he can’t adult his way out of a paper bag. On the verge of losing everything, he takes on a simple case of suspected adultery, something to keep the lights on and the creditors at bay. And then the disappearances begin . . .

JABberwocky Press

Marie Brennan

Mirage wasn't supposed to exist. Born from the ritual that gives the witches of Starfall their power, she should have been destroyed. Miryo wasn't supposed to fail. But when her initiation at Starfall goes awry, she realizes her double is still alive. Now she must hunt down Mirage and put an end to something that should never have begun. But how can a witch kill the perfect warrior, when her own magic is trying to kill her?

Marie Brennan

Savior to some, abomination to others, Mirei's power is not enough to prevent a civil war. And while she struggles to reconcile Starfall's opposing factions, a more insidious threat is building within her—because her newfound magic does not come without a price.

Dancing the Warrior
Marie Brennan

Her entire life, Seniade has felt a bond with the Warrior. Becoming a Hunter ought to be a dream come true. But first she has to prove herself worthy to stay . . . and she might just kill herself trying.

The Doppelganger Omnibus
Marie Brennan

This omnibus includes the novels from the novel duology Warrior and Witch, as well as the prequel novella Dancing the Warrior.

The Great Wheel
Ian R. MacLeod

Father John, a doubting missionary from the futuristic yet bucolic shires of the Welsh Marches, finds he must leave his ministry and the clamor of the Endless City to search across the dangerous wastelands beyond for the source of a lethal radioactive pollutant. There, in the company of a witchwoman and a young Borderer, he confronts not only his faith but also his own past, and the near-death of Hal, his comatose brother. Winner of the Locus Award for Best First Novel.

The Summer Isles
Ian R. MacLeod

Geoffrey Brook, a history don at a venerable Oxford college, feels his whole life is a fraud. Not only did he not go to the right schools, or attend university, but he cannot even understand Latin. That, and in a country where intolerance and bigotry has become a national rallying cry, there's the issue of his supposedly deviant sexuality. Which if it was discovered, would probably see him sent to a labor camp—or worse still, to the Summer Isles. But what can he do now, in a country that seems to be on the brink of cataclysm?

Song of Time
Ian R. MacLeod

An old woman discovers a half-drowned man on a Cornish beach. She is close to death herself—or a new kind of life she can barely contemplate. Does death still exist at all, or has it finally been extinguished? And who is this strange man she's found? Is he a figure returned from her own past, a new messiah, or an empty vessel? Winner of the Arthur C. Clarke and the John W. Campbell Memorial awards for Best Science-Fiction Novel.

Wake Up and Dream
Ian R. MacLeod

All failed actor and unlicensed private eye Clark Gable has to do is impersonate a wealthy scriptwriter for a few hours. What could go wrong? A great deal, it turns out, as he stumbles into a world of glamour, danger, preternatural forces and political intrigue. Winner of the Sidewise Award for Alternate History.

Ford Street

Chasing the Break
Michael Panckridge

The kids from Sandhurst Primary are heading to their annual coastal camp to battle the sand, waves and each other to see who comes out on top in the battle of the surf.

Against the Spin
Michael Panckridge

Mitchell Grady is the new kid at school—a school that’s crazy about sports. He quickly learns about the Legend of Sport competition—an all year sporting challenge featuring eight exciting sports. He’s in! But so too is Travis Fisk, the mean guy who was last year’s Legend, and who will stop at nothing to win again this year.

Down the Line
Michael Panckridge

Mitchell Grady has done it again. He is the Legend of Cricket. Surely Travis Fisk, the school thug who’ll do whatever it takes to win, won’t let him win three events in a row. What will he try this time? It’s not all fair play when the stakes are high.

Clearing the Pack
Michael Panckridge

Football and netball are the next two sports in the Legends series, and Travis and Mia are flying high. Meanwhile, Bryce investigates the mystery in the library. Suddenly, there’s a whole lot more to play for . . .

Over the Wall
Michael Panckridge

It’s the halfway point of the Legends Cup and the competition is heating up. Only two points behind Mitchell, Fisk is boasting that he will be crowned the Legend of Soccer, but Mitchell has other ideas.

On the Buzzer!
Michael Panckridge

It's Round 6 and basketball is the next sport in the action-packed Legends series. But the competition takes a back seat when Sandhurst's sporting reputation is put on the line. The odds are against them. The stakes are high. Just how far will someone go to bring the team down?

Paper Cranes Don’t Fly
Peter Vu

For Adam Auttenberg, hospital is like a second home. With Tess, AJ, and Rachael by his side, it’s even bearable. Facing the toughest challenge of his life, all Adam has to help him are his friends. But will they be enough?

Pretty Girls Don’t Eat
Winnie Salaman

Only one thing stands in the way of sixteen-year-old Winter Mae Jones and her dream of a career in fashion design: she's fat, and fat girls don't work in fashion. But when her new diet and life get out of hand, she'll realize that her weight has nothing to do with what's holding her back.

Justin D'Ath

Sixteen-year-old Sunday Balewo is next in line for the presidency of Zantuga. When his father dies, Sunday finds himself on the run from the unlikeliest of assassins—a baboon with a bomb.

Time Catcher
Cheree Peters

In a post-apocalyptic world of rigid rules, Althea’s luxurious life is turned upside-down when she is kidnapped by the dreaded Variants. Betrayed by those she trusts most, Althea is forced to question everything she thought she knew.

Bat Attack!
J.E. Fison

It’s New Year’s Eve and Jack Wilde and his friends are getting ready for a night of fun at the local disco. But when a mad driver almost runs them over, things start to go badly wrong. Will New Year’s Eve be the best night of their lives or the very worst?

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