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In this issue: stolen spaceships, meta-human heroics–and an alternate Abraham Lincoln assassination that changes history!
   November 2011
New November eARCs

World Divided Meta-heroes, Assemble

From New York Times best seller, Mercedes Lackey and company, the second entry in a new pulse-pounding saga of modern-day humans with superpowers. After turning back an invasion of hyper-science war machines, the heroes go on the hunt for the invaders’ conspiracy-cloaked masters.

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Guardian of Night Invasion, Defection–And Earth’s Last Stand

An alien starship commander with integrity and a clever plan, attempts to defect to Earth with his officers and spaceship–a vessel that mounts a superweapon that could turn the tide of war. His human allies, Captain Jim Coalbridge and Lieutenant Commander Griff Leher, are the courageous and very mortal heroes who must face down the forces of a tyrannical star empire.

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Set Your DVR to “Heck Yeah, We Can Build a Rocket!”

Congrats to Baen’s own Dr. Travis S. Taylor who recently appeared on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show along with the rest of the crew from his breakout hit television series, Rocket City Rednecks.

Check out the schedule for Rocket City Rednecks on the National Geographic Channel here, and read an excellent new interview with Taylor here. And, of course, don’t forget Travis S. Taylor nonfiction and fiction, including Alien Invasion, Back to the Moon, his Tau Ceti Agenda series, and the Looking Glass series, cowritten with John Ringo. New Stuff

News Flash: Alternate Lincoln Assassination to Change History!

It’s Good Friday, 1865, and Our American Cousin is playing at Ford’s. What if Booth’s murder of Abraham Lincoln had taken a much different course–and produced a surprisingly changed America as a result? Alternate history master and the author of upcoming Himmler’s War Robert Conroy posits a fascinating new and terrible destiny for a nation split asunder.

Read November’s free fiction “Murder at Ford’s Theater” here

Beating Decline: Drones & Beyond

Part two of a substantial tour d’horizon of the U.S. military frontier. J.R. Dunn argues that American innovation is alive and well, but that the U.S. and Western-allied military of the next twenty to fifty years will be a very different beast from what has gone before.

Read November’s free nonfiction “Beating Decline, Part II” here

February WebScription Releases

World Divided - HALF
by Mercedes Lackey, Cody Martin, Dennis Lee, and Veronica Giguere

After an Earth-scarring apocalyptic battle, humanity’s meta-heroes–humans with super powers–must take the fight to a conspiracy-cloaked enemy. Book 2 of the Secret World Chronicle.

Guardian of Night - HALF
Tony Daniel

A dissident alien commander and his human allies face down the forces of a tyrannical star empire as the alien captain attempts to defect to Earth with a superweapon of almost unimaginable power.
In Fire Forged: Worlds of Honor V
David Weber

Tales set in a world touched by the greatness of one epic heroine: Honor Harrington. Includes stories by Jane Lindskjold, Timothy Zahn, and David Weber himself.
The Crucible of Empire
Eric Flint and K. D. Wentworth

The fragile Human-Jao alliance must recruit a powerful third alien society that has been in hiding for millennia to stave off invasion from a fourth exterminator race. The stirring sequel to Course of Empire.
Carousel Tides
Sharon Lee

A family legacy of magic and world-walking returns to haunt a young woman. A gripping and romantic contemporary fantasy thriller from the co-creator of the Liaden Universe®.
Earthblood and Other Stories
Keith Laumer and Rosel George Brown
edited by Eric Flint

Two epic novels gathered together featuring humanity pushed to the brink of existence—and fighting back with a dash of grit and a sense of humor.
The General’s President - HALF
John Dalmas

A capable engineer is thrust into the role of U.S. President in a time of riot and economic turmoil. A masterful work in the class of Atlas Shrugged.
The Orc Wars - HALF
John Dalmas

In a bloody post-apocalyptic world, a powerful telepathic tyrant moves on Europe with an army of Orcs at his back. It’s up to neo-Viking Nils Jarnhann to infiltrate the tyrant’s forces and assassinate him.
November 2011 Night Shade Bundle

The Folded World: A Dirge for Prester John Volume 2
Catherynne M. Valente

When the mysterious daughter of Prester John appears on the doorstep of her father's palace, she brings with her news of war in the West—the Crusades have begun! Death, faith, beauty, and power, dance in the margins of true history, illuminating a place that never was.

Alien Contact
Marty Halpern

Stories of first alien contact from a huge range of great SF and fantasy writers including Orson Scott Card, Neil Gaiman, Ursula K. Le Guin and more.

Rob Ziegler

In a transformed western America, the designer of A.I.-endowed super city Satori goes missing, taking with him the key to Satori’s seed production algorithm. A former Army Ranger agent-hunter with very mixed motives must bring him back or face her government’s wrath.

Butcher Bird
Richard Kadrey

An ordinary man is suddenly able to perceive a world of angels, demons, and monsters. Now he must locate an ancient book of magic to stop the beings known as the Black Clerks from throwing the cosmos into chaos.

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Clark Ashton Smith Fantasy Bundle

A huge, entirely amazing collection from legendary master of weird fantasy tales, science fiction wonder stories, and harrowing yarns of metaphysical horror, Clark Ashton Smith. With introductions by celebrated writers Ramsey Campbell, Tim Powers, Michael Dirda, Gahan Wilson, and Richard Lupoff–all of whom claim major influence by Smith.

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