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In this issue: A former cop has his revenge, the world’s greatest alchemist joins forces with a charlatan to bring down a bunko artist, and scientists and authors map the path to the stars! All that plus a new contest!
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Daniel Carter was a London cop who just wanted to do the right thing. But during a raid on an organ-selling chop shop, he is almost torn to pieces by monsters. And no one believes him. Hurt and crippled, his career over and his life in ruins, Daniel is suddenly presented with a chance at redemption. And revenge. It seems that more than two centuries ago, the monsters of the world disappeared—into the underworld of crime. Guildlike Clans now have control over all the dark and illegal trades. Only one force stands opposed to the monster Clans: the superstrong, extremely sexy, quick-witted Hydes! Now Daniel is just one sip of Dr. Jekyll’s Elixir away from joining their company. At Jekyll & Hyde Inc.

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Thomas “the Great Stoner” Stone once performed miraculous surgery upon Phillip Theophrastus Gribbleflotz, the World’s Greatest Alchemist, using his bare hands, no anesthesia, producing no pain, and leaving no scar. It would have been wonderful if it was real. But Dr. Tom Stone, the face of modern medicine, has been engaging in fake treatments—bringing all modern medicine into question. Gribbleflotz, who has learned a thing or two about actual science from those up-time elopers from Grantville, West Virginia, decides to go to Padua and turn his problems into Tom Stone's problems.

Get 1637: Dr. Gribbleflotz and the Soul of the Stoner here.

September Ebook Sale

sale graphic Engineer’s Delight September Ebook Sale

Rick Boatright, co-author of this month’s Ring of Fire series debut trade paperback, 1637: Dr. Gribbleflotz and the Soul of Stoner passed away recently after an acute illness. Rick, who was known and beloved by the 1632 writing community as the go-to resource for engineering notes, ideas, and suggestions, was also the author of a plethora of stories and novellas.

This September we remember Rick Boatright with a great sale on Baen ebooks with which he was associated.

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September Contest

Monster Mash

In Simon R. Green’s Baen Books debut novel Jekyll & Hyde Inc., powerful monster clans run the world of organized crime. Standing against them: the Hydes. Which got us thinking, in a world of underground monsters, which creatures (aliens count) would you want fighting on your side? The Hydes of Jekyll & Hyde Inc. excepted; Green got there first. Let us know in a short paragraph (100 words or fewer) for a chance to win a signed copy of the novel.

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August Contest Winner

Last month, we asked you to snap a picture of one of Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter International books “out in the wild.” Congrats to David Bock! He wins a signed copy of a Monster Hunter Bloodlines.

Check out the winning photograph here.

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Coming soon to the Baen Free Radio Hour: Larry Correia on Monster Hunter Bloodlines, his latest entry in the Monster Hunter International series. Plus Travis S. Taylor and Les Johnson discuss hard science fiction novel Saving Proxima.

Missed past episodes? No problem. We’ve got every episode archived for your listening pleasure. All previous episodes are also archived at Baen’s YouTube Channel, here. And check out the new optional video podcast format!

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September Books

Jekyll & Hyde Inc.
Simon R. Green

A former London cop is offered a chance at redemption and revenge when he joins Jekyll & Hyde Inc. Now he’ll stand up to the guildlike monster clans that control the world’s dark and illegal trades.

1637: Dr. Gribbleflotz and the Soul of the Stoner
Kerryn Offord & Rick Boatright
(trade paperback)

Down-time’s greatest alchemist and a flim-flam artist up-timer must put aside their differences and join forces to debunk one of history’s greatest bunko artists, and save the reputation of modern science and medicine from ruin!

Going Interstellar
ed. by Les Johnson & Jack McDevitt
(mass market paperback)

A gathering of tales by an all-star assortment of award-winning authors together with insightful essays on high technology by space scientists and engineers—all turning on interstellar travel using the technology we have, or can rapidly develop, right now.

The Valkyrie Protocol
David Weber & Jacob Holo
(mass market paperback)

The crew of the Transtemporal Vehicle Kleio must travel to the past to prevent the collapse of the universe. To do so, they’ll need help from throughout time and the multiverse. Time is running out for Raibert and his team. But the crew of the Kleio won't go down without a fight, no matter where—or when—the threat to their home comes from.

Knight Watch
Tim Akers
(mass market paperback)

John Rast went to the Ren Faire looking for a fight. Well, a simulated fight, with blunt swords and safety equipment. But when his final opponent turns into a living, fire-breathing dragon, John finds himself in the fight of his life. And that's when destiny comes to call.
Baen Appearances
Author Appearance
David Boop, D.J. Butler, Bill Fawcett, Robert E. Hampson, A.C. Haskins, Walter H. Hunt, Jody Lynn Nye, Gary Poole, Aaron Michael Ritchey, Christopher L. Smith, Toni Weisskopf, Chris Woods, Timothy Zahn

September 2-6
Atlanta, GA

D.J. Butler, Michael Z. Williamson

September 16-18
Salt Lake City, UT

Timothy Zahn

September 17-19
Cincinnati Comic Expo
Cincinnati, OH

D.J. Butler, Robert E. Hampson

September 25-27
Interstellar Research Group
Tuscon, AZ

Michael Z. Williamson

September 25-26
Medieval Faire at Clayshire Castle
Bowling Green, IN

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