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In this issue: Vegas monster hunts, pilots taking to space--and a time-traveling Pope contest.
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Sin City Monster Rampage

When monster hunters from around the world gather in Las Vegas for a hunter’s convention, a creature left over from a World War Two weapons experiment wakes up and goes on a deadly rampage. Now it’s up to Owen Pitt and the Monster Hunter International squad to stop an ancient god from turning Sin City into a literal hell on earth.

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Theo Waitley Takes to Space

First Class courier pilot Theo Waitley has graduated and now has a trade route to run for Clan Korval—that is, if she can convince the near mythic ghost ship Bechimo—and herself—that she wants to commit herself as the human side to their immensely powerful symbiosis. The newest exciting entry in the Liadin Universe®.

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September Contest

Pick Your Time Traveling Pope

1635, and the Pope in Rome is Urban VIII, Maffeo Barberini. Not a bad Pope, but he did have that small tiff with Galileo among other things. You are a Vice Lord of Time Travel Conspiracies for Earth's sector. What the heck, you decide, let's bring in the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment a century ahead of schedule and see what happens!

You decide to send back a replacement Pope. He (or she!) will integrate seamlessly, due to your time lord powers. So what will it be? Politician, pop-star, and cultural mover-and-shaker--who would you send back to take the place of Barberini? And, in a paragraph or so, tell us why.

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September Books

Monster Hunter Legion
Larry Correia

A creature left over from a World War Two weapons experiment wakes up and goes on a deadly rampage through Las Vegas, and it’s up to Owen Pitt and Monster Hunter International to stop it.

Dragon Ship
Sharon Lee
Steve Miller

Star pilot Theo Waitley must take on the precarious captaincy of a mysterious self-aware ship and save hundreds of stranded pilots and crewmen from a hostile planet.

A Host of Furious Fancies
Mercedes Lackey
Rosemary Edghill

After years in Underhill, Eric Banyon, elvish knight and bard, returns to the Big Apple to finish his interrupted education at Juilliard. Soon Eric discovers that unscrupulous researchers have created a drug that unlocks magical powers in humans. Plus: the evil elf lord Aerune, whose love was killed by mortal men, is determined to destroy the human race, and Eric must stop him. Beyond World’s End and Spirits White as Lightning together for the first time in one volume.

A Beautiful Friendship
David Weber

Tween-age Stephanie Harrington is a young woman determined to make discoveries−and the biggest discovery of all awaits her: an intelligent (and possibly telepathic!) alien species she names the treecats. A dazzling first entry in a new David Weber Honorverse teen series.

Ring of Fire III
Eric Flint

A cosmic accident sets the modern town of Grantville, West Virginia, down in war-torn seventeenth century Europe and a new nation is forged. A time-twisting collection of rollicking, thought-provoking tales by a star-studded array of top writers such as bestseller Mercedes Lackey and Eric Flint himself­—all set in Eric Flint’s phenomenal Ring of Fire universe.

Robert Buettner

Ace intelligence operative Jazen Parker parachutes into the giant habitat Tressel, a quarantined nightmare world with a culture confined to iron rivet technology and a ruling regime a bit to the right of Heinrich Himmler. When Jazen uncovers a plot that will throw a five hundred-planet alliance into death-throes, it’s the Tressel bullies who are about to be taught a lesson in losing.

When the People Fell
Cordwainer Smith

A sweeping saga of the centuries to come, from the new dark age that followed a global war, to the new civilization that arose from the ashes to colonize the stars. A massive collection of visionary science fiction by a legendary SF master. Part two of the collected works of Cordwainer Smith.
Baen Events

The Larry Correia Monster Hunter Legion Book Tour is On

September brings monsters! Come see Monster-Hunter-in-Chief Larry Correia and get his signature at a location near you.

When Where
September 4
7 p.m.

Barnes & Noble
Layton, UT

September 5
7 p.m.

Flights of Fantasy-Albany
Albany, NY

September 6
7 p.m.

Barnes & Noble
Burlington, MA

September 8
2 p.m.

Hicksville Public Library
Hicksville, NY

September 9
2 p.m.

Barnes & Noble
Carle Place, NY

September 11
7 p.m.

Barnes & Noble
Willow Grove, PA

September 12
7 p.m.

Book Trader of Hamilton
Mercerville, NJ

September 13
7 p.m.

Barnes & Noble
Ellicott City, MD

September 14
7 p.m.

Barnes & Noble
Bethesda, MD

September 15
1 p.m.

Fort Belvoir Main Store
Fort Belvoir, VA

September 16
12 p.m.

Fort Meade Exchange
Fort Meade, MD

September 18
5 p.m.

Uncle Hugo's
Minneapolis, MN

September 22
4 p.m.

Mountains and Plains Bookseller Trade Show
Denver Author Books & Brew
Denver, CO

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