TransDimensional Hunters, a journey through time, and a duo on the heels of a murderer! Plus, a new Honorverse story by David Carrico. ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌   ‌  
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In this issue: TransDimensional Hunters, a journey through time, and a duo on the heels of a murderer! Plus, a new Honorverse story by David Carrico!
August 2‌0‌2‌3

Through the Storm by John Ringo and Lydia Sherrer Reality Bites—and it has Big Teeth

Becoming a global celebrity overnight would make most people happy. Not Lynn Raven. As a teenage gaming prodigy, she’s enjoyed years of anonymity behind the virtual mask of Larry Coughlin, war-hardened vet and virtual gaming mercenary. But now Lynn has stepped out of the shadows to compete in the cutting-edge augmented reality game TransDimensional Hunter that has taken the world by storm. And she’s winning. But at times, the “augmented” reality seems too real for Lynn’s comfort, and strange accidents keep happening. Something is going on; she just has to figure out what.

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1462: an alien who feasts on the suffering of sentient beings dines off the agonies of Vlad the Impaler’s twenty-thousand victims near Târgovişte, Romania.

1688: a woman is framed for witchcraft and hanged by the neck in Boston.

1965: a toy store that never seems to run out of special toys is suspected of being the location of a temporal portal, the same one used by the agony-feeding alien.

2022: a grandfather, showing his young grandchildren what remains of the Boston of his youth, is shown that portal by his granddaughters.

And they’re off! Off through the gate that grants wishes, off to deal with time travel, off to break and enter, off to endure the pain of seeing afresh loved ones long since departed in their own time. They’re off to deal with hardened, murderous criminals and with equally murderous aliens.

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Dirty Water by Tom Kratman

The Dyson File by Jacob Holo An Open-and-Shut Case that is Anything But, And Two Detectives Caught in the Crossfire

The Atlas Corporation was all set to tear apart the planet Mercury—converting its resources into a swarm of solar-collecting megastructures—when Esteban Velasco, lead Atlas engineer on Saturn, is found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Detective Isaac Cho and Special Agent Susan Cantrell, both eager to return to active duty despite close calls on their last case, are sent in to assess the situation. Their superiors expect a simple declaration of suicide, but Velasco’s death proves anything but typical.

The detectives soon find themselves embroiled in a mystery far more complex—and strange—than anyone expected. And if they don’t solve this case soon, it’ll be their corpses that turn up next.

“Legwork, interrogations, shady corporate interests, gangsters, and raids gone bad, The Dyson File is as real as it gets.”

—Griffin Barber, 20 year veteran
of the SFPD, and author

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Ten-year-old Timothy Hanks didn't relish being left in charge of his little sister, Elizabeth, who, at age three had a habit of wandering off as soon as he turned his back. But when Elizabeth runs away during an important get-together, the young girl soon finds herself in the care of Admiral Honor Harrington.

Read “Requiem” by David Carrico.

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August Ebook Promotion


Poul Anderson was the massively popular, award-winning author of many science fiction and fantasy novels, including the Technic Civilization Saga and the Psychotechnic League, ground-breaking “future history” novels that inspired Heinlein to create his own “future history.” This month, we’re honoring Anderson’s legacy by offering ALL of his Baen ebooks in a special discount bundle. Load up your ereader with the complete Anderson Baen Books collection and save $15 off the cover price. Or buy individual titles at $1 off cover price.

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The Dragon Awards are just around the corner and voting is taking place now. Awarded annually at Dragon Con, the awards highlight the best in science fiction and fantasy literature, films, gaming, and more. Baen is thrilled to have several books up for awards this year, and we want to share the excitement. So, until the end of the month, get the Baen Books Dragon Award Finalist Bundle at a discount price!

The bundle includes:

The Icarus Plot by Timothy Zahn (Best Science Fiction Novel)

Tower of Silence by Larry Correia (Best Fantasy Novel, Best Illustrative Cover—Kurt Miller)

Into the Vortex by Charles E. Gannon (Best Fantasy Novel)

Wraithbound by Tim Akers (Best Illustrative Cover – Jeff Brown)

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the Baen Free Radio Hour

Listen to the Baen Free Radio Hour Coming soon to the Baen Free Radio Hour:
Charles E. Gannon on the new Caine Riordan novel, Endangered Species; Simon R. Green discusses Very Important Corpses; and Howard Andrew Jones talks Hanuvar and Lord of a Shattered Land.

Missed past episodes? No problem. We’ve got every episode archived for your listening pleasure. All previous episodes are also archived at Baen’s YouTube and Rumble channels. And check out the new optional video podcast format!

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Baen Books

coverThrough the Storm
John Ringo &
Lydia Sherrer

Los Angeles: the “Augmented Reality” game TransDimensional Hunter seems too real for comfort as the world of the game merges with reality. Now, teenage game prodigy Lynn Raven will have to conquer the game or be destroyed by it.

coverDirty Water
Tom Kratman

When a grandfather and his granddaughters find a portal in the back of a toy store that leads to the past, they’re off to deal with hardened, murderous criminals and with equally murderous aliens.

coverThe Dyson File
Jacob Holo

An apparent open-and-shut suicide case turns out to be anything up for Detective Isaac Cho and his partner, Special Agent Susan Cantrell. Soon the duo and their team find themselves unraveling the threads of a conspiracy theory.

cover1637: The Transylvanian Decision
Eric Flint &
Robert E. Waters

Transylvania is thrown into political, social, and religious turmoil as battle lines are drawn. Whatever happens and whoever wins the fight, one thing is certain: the history of Eastern Europe will change radically. In fact, it already has.

coverPenric's Labors
Lois McMaster Bujold

Includes “Masquerade in Lodi,” “The Orphans of Raspay,” and “The Physicians of Vilnoc.” Plus a new introduction, “outroduction,” and suggested reading order by Lois McMaster Bujold.

coverThe Dabare Snake Launcher
Joelle Presby

Tchami “Chummy” Fabrice’s task: bring together a family, a megacorp executive, a tribal chieftain’s nephew, and more to construct in Africa the world’s first space elevator. They have the carbon nanofiber, prime land around Kilimanjaro, and a captured rock in orbit for the tether. The hard part will be getting all these different people working together long enough to see it built.

coverTime Reavers
Jacob Holo

The Reavers are horrific cybernetic killing machines, and their plans for our universe are exactly what you might think. Sixteen-year-old Nicole Taylor has one chance to stop the Reavers’ genocidal invasion. With help from a chain-smoking pyromaniac, a neurotic sword-wielding assassin, and an icy goth chick with a crossbow, she’ll make a stand against the evil bugs.

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*This Baen Ebooks subscription bundle will dissolve on November 7, 2‌0‌2‌3. After that date, these books will be available for individual sale only.*
Wordfire Press

cover Merciless Mermaids—Tales From The Deep
Kevin J. Anderson &
Allyson Longueira

Original stories and poems by Mercedes Lackey, Rick Wilber, D.J. Butler, Gama Ray Martinez, Julia Vee, Ken Bebelle, and many others. From Japanese legends to mafia mermen, from carnival freaks to flying aces, from bayou legends to kraken-like behemoths, these tales explore the darker side of merfolk: desire, envy, love unfulfilled, grace ungranted, loneliness turned to rage.

cover Goblin Market, The Prince's Progress and Other Poems
Christina Rossetti

Before W.B. Yeats wrote of the mystical in his poetry, Christina Rossetti wrote “Goblin Market,” also the title poem within the collection Goblin Market, The Prince’s Progress and Other Poems. The title poem is about two sisters, and the lesson learned when one does not heed the warning to mingle with those at the Goblin Market.

cover The Blue Castle
L.M. Montgomery

A fairy-tale upheaval of the status quo, where underdogs can rise, and the cruel get what they deserve. With a fresh foreword by Grenfell Campus’ Dr. E. Holly Pike, Associate Professor at Memorial University of Newfoundland, aimed at the value of the wild and being different to L.M. Montgomery’s heroines.

Fairwood Press

cover Embrace of the Wolf
Jack Cady &
Carol Orlock

In the coastal town of Surfbreak, Molly Snow explores mysterious stories that whirl around a brave explorer who ventured here long ago. Why did the maps Alfred Aowl drew of the region depict places that don't exist? And how did he die?

cover The Ultra Big Sleep
Patrick Swenson

Dave Crowell is a hero of the eight worlds of the Union, but he doesn’t want fame or fortune. These days he just wants to run his private detective business with his alien partner Tem Forno and forget about the Ultras, the mysterious aliens that attacked the Union, then vanished. But when a client’s husband turns up dead under mysterious circumstances, Crowell knows the Ultras have not gone away.

cover After the Tide
Jessie Kwak

It’s the event of the millennium: the lowest of low tides laying bare the original streets of Tarry-by-the-Sea for the first time in living memory. A mysterious game has been announced, this night only, and Adria is one of many hopefuls drawn to the promise of fortune. She has her father's ashes in her pack, hard-fought freedom in her future, and the growing suspicion in her mind that something alarmingly alien lurks in the City-beneath-the-City.

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