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In this issue: bemused galactic aristocrats, a heroine with a heart of gold, tanks of the future—and a new American space plan!
   August 2012

Phoenix Rising Heroine of Heart and Sword

Kyri is a highborn young woman whose life is shattered by the murder of her kin. Her quest: find a legendary weapon smith, take up the sword and armor of a new order, and bring justice to the evil and corruption that has darkened her native land. A breakout fantasy epic filled with strong world-building and wondrous adventure from the author of Grand Central Arena and coauthor with Eric Flint of the best-selling Boundary series.

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Beer and Rockets

Popular science from Dr. Travis S. Taylor, celebrated Baen author and ringleader of the Rocket City Rednecks, the hit reality science and engineering series from the National Geographic Channel. Now, in laidback style, Taylor delivers the goods on how America can return to space exploration with a dose of gumption and a return to good old American science leadership.

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New American Space Plan
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Landed Alien
A Pilot is Born, A Pilot Dies

Kara ven’Arith has graduated Anlingdin Academy a pilot. But despite being born on the planet Eylot, she’s still a technical alien on her homeworld and can’t be certified yet, if ever. Salvation and a future arrives with a mechanic’s job aboard Codrescu Space Station, but at Codrescu, repair techs are dropping with injuries, and Kara will be next in line if she can’t find the saboteur. A Liaden Universe® tale set in the times of Theo Waitley by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, authors of upcoming grand SF adventure, Dragon Ship.

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The Future of Battlefield Tanks

Are tanks dinosaurs? Are they sitting ducks for missile attacks and too slow for the pace of modern warfare? Military historian J.R. Dunn argues that a tank is what a tank does, and what tanks represent is the controlled projection of mass in battle. While the U.S. M-1 may be a mature technology, the quest for smart armor is just beginning.

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November Baen Ebook Releases

Captain Vorpatril's Alliance
Lois McMaster Bujold - HALF

When Captain Ivan Vorpatril, cousin to Imperial troubleshooter Miles Vorkosigan, encounters a damsel fleeing the violent overthrow of her home planet, it’s soon evident that Ivan’s carefree days are over. But behind Ivan’s façade of wry humor lies a cunning protector willing to make the ultimate sacrifice: his hard-won freedom from the politics of empire.

Phoenix Rising
Ryk Spoor - HALF

Kyri is a highborn young woman whose life is shattered by the murder of her kin. Her quest: find a legendary weapon smith, take up the sword and armor of a new order, and bring justice to the evil and corruption that has darkened her native land.

A New American Space Plan
Travis S. Taylor
Stephanie Osborn - HALF

Popular SF author and host of National Geographic’s Rocket City Rednecks calls for an American return to manned space travel using the grit, know-how, and can-do spirit that made America a leader in space in the first place.

A Cosmic Christmas
Hank Davis - HALF

How do robots celebrate Christmas? What about vampires? Can Santa make it up to a space station or does vacuum not go very well with magic reindeer? Twelve very unusual Christmas tales from a star-spangled list of contributor including Larry Correia, Mark L. Van Name, Catherine Asaro, and Mercedes Lackey.

Himmler's War
Robert Conroy

Hitler is gone and Himmler's in charge. Now the allies face a resurgent Germany and the growing likelihood that a German a-bomb is well on its way.
Catherine Asaro

Galactic emperors attempt to steer their realms away from generations of war without themselves being assassinated in the process.
First Command
A. Bertram Chandler

The second in a three-volume collection of the legendary John Grimes books. After moving on from the Terran Navy, wry and adventurous Grimes tries his hand at a private ship command, and finds he likes being his own man.
August 2012 Night Shade Book

The Constantine Affliction
T. Aaron Payton

1864, London: a city beset by a malady that kills some and physically transforms others into the opposite sex. Society is in upheaval, clockwork courtesans, alchemical fires at Whitechapel, and  acidic monsters lurking in the Thames are the norm. Can aristocratic detective Pimm Hanover save the city from the arcane machinations of one of history's most infamous monsters--and uncover the shocking origin of the Constantine Affliction?

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August 2012 Fairwood Press Bundle

The Terrorists of Irustan
Louise Marley

Zahra IbSada is a talented medicant, and sees much of the joy in the lives of the women she heals–and much of the pain. She sees a wife brutally beaten, a prostitute suffering at the hands of her employer, and her friend Kalen, a mother who is struggling to save her daughter from a cruel betrothal. Now Zahra is fighting back—for herself, and for all the women of her planet.

The Singers of Nevya
Louise Marley

In the wintry world of Nevya, music is literally the only thing that keeps the population alive. Gifted Singers call up safe circles of light and heat; they use their music to heal the sick and broken. But a Gift forces sacrifices, and now one Singer must find a way to make sure that her sacrifice not become the lives of those she loves.

Unpossible and Other Stories
Daryl Gregory

Be they neuroscientists, superhero sidekicks, middle-aged heroes of children’s stories, or fanatics spreading a virus-borne religion these characters are all convincingly human. The critically acclaimed short stories of Daryl Gregory. Includes two never-before published stories and an introduction by Nancy Kress.

Jack Skillingstead

After a drunk driver kills his mother and brother on Halloween night, Ellis Herrick finds himself changed by a mysterious power. For the next two centuries, Ellis pursues answers to the riddle of his immortality, a journey that takes him from the irredeemable past to the far reaches of space—and ultimately to the innermost caverns of his own psyche.

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