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In this issue: Honor Harrington returns, a sixteen-year-old Army lieutenant takes a stand, and Monster Hunter International opens its case files. All that, plus a new short story by Tim Powers!
   July 2018


This is it, the climax of the internationally best-selling Honor Harrington series—and Honor is in top form. The time has come: the Manticoran Star Kingdom and its allies go to war against the massive and corrupt Solarian Empire. After a tragic loss, Honor Harrington enters the fray once again. She’s filled with steely resolve, possessed of cold competence, and motivated by a fiery determination to the take the fight to the enemy and end its menace forever.

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Sixteen-year-old Randy Knox, a newly minted lieutenant in the U.S. Army, has been fighting the alien Creepers since he was twelve. At one point, it seemed the war was over when the aliens’ orbital battle station had been destroyed. But now a second Creeper orbital battle station has arrived. While returning to his home unit, Randy’s convoy is ambushed. Separated from his fellow soldiers and his K-9 companion Thor, Randy faces the ultimate horror of every American serviceman: to become a prisoner of war of the aliens.

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Ghost of the Freeway

Sebastian Vickery is minding his own business, reading a book in one of the psychically charged areas near the Santa Monica Freeway when he’s interrupted by a young woman who goes by the name of Scout. They start talking and soon Scout is inviting Sebastian out to lunch. But before they can break bread, Scout disappears. Now, Sebastian will have to search through time to find her—and her killer in a new story by Tim Powers, set in the world of Alternate Routes.

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War Looms on the Horizon

The course of history is impossible to plot ahead of time—but that hasn’t stopped writers of science fiction from trying! Military science fiction novels have speculated about war on other worlds, in the dark recesses of space, and right here on Earth—in the middle east, Russia, and right here in the U.S.A. But in this month’s new nonfiction article J.R. Dunn asserts that the next major war will take place where few have thought to look: the South China Sea.

Read “Conflict in the South China Sea” by J.R. Dunn here.

Vote for The Year’s Best Military and Adventure SF Readers’ Choice Award

Baen Books is pleased to announce the forth annual Year’s Best Military and Adventure Science Fiction Readers’ Choice Award. The award honors the best of the best in this grand storytelling tradition, and its winner will receive an inscribed plaque and a $500 prize. And YOU are the judge! Choose your favorite story from the contents of The Year’s Best Military and Adventure SF, Vol. 4 and reward its author for excellence.

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Don’t Touch that Dial: It’s the Baen Free Radio Hour

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Coming soon to the Baen Free Radio Hour: John Ringo discusses Monster Hunter Memoirs: Saints, as well as his other work and interesting writing habits. Plus, Astrid Anderson Bear and Greg Bear talk about SF legend Poul Anderson’s writing and the new The Complete Psychotechnic League, Volume 3 collection in particular. Astrid Bear is Poul Anderson’s daughter.

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Baen Ebook Releases


Uncompromising Honor - HALF
David Weber

The time has come: the Manticoran Star Kingdom and its allies go to war against the massive and corrupt Solarian Empire. After a tragic loss, Honor Harrington enters the fray once again. She’s filled with steely resolve, possessed of cold competence, and motivated by a fiery determination to the take the fight to the enemy and end its menace forever.


Earthquake Weather
Tim Powers

The magical King of the West has been killed in California, and his assassin is one of the multiple personalities in the head of Janis Cordelia Plumtree—but which one?
Black Triumph - HALF
Brendan DuBois

While returning to his home unit, sixteen-year-old U.S. Army Lieutenant Randy Knox’s convoy is ambushed by the alien Creepers. Separated from his fellow soldiers and his K-9 companion, Randy faces the ultimate horror of every American serviceman: to become a prisoner of war of the aliens.
The Monster Hunter Files
ed. by Larry Correia & Bryan Thomas Schmidt

Stories from the files of Monster Hunter International, based on Larry Correia's best-selling series, from New York Times best-selling authors Jim Butcher, John Ringo, Jessica Day George, Jonathan Maberry, Faith Hunter, and many more.
Forged in Blood
ed. by Michael Z. Williamson

From the distant past to the far future, those who carry the sword rack up commendations for bravery. They are men and women who, like the swords they carry, have been forged in blood. Featuring all-new stories by Michael Z. Williamson, Larry Correia, Tom Kratman, Tony Daniel, and many more.
The Gates of Tagmeth
P.C. Hodgell

Jame Knorth, noblewoman and avatar of a divine being known as That-Which-Destroys, must travel to the abandoned castle keep of Tagmeth. There she will face down an ancient darkness that threatens the land.
Combat Command: The Black Road War - HALF
by Neil Randall

Take command in a role-playing novel set in the world of Roger Zelazny's Nine Princes of Amber.

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RuneWright Publishing

Blood Ties
Quincy J. Allen

When assassins jump half-clockwork gunslinger Jake Lasater, he knows the Chinese Tong wants to finally settle an old score. Unfortunately, Jake has no idea the Tong is just the first milepost on the road toward a destiny he refuses to believe in.

Blood Curse
Quincy J. Allen

A ruddy sun has set on the gauntlet that nearly killed Jake, Cole, and Skeeter in San Francisco. Storm clouds loom on the horizon, promising the inevitability of an airship battle with the nefarious Colonel Szilágyi.

Chemical Burn
Quincy J. Allen

The last thing Los Angeles needed was a high-tech, ex-assassin from another world setting up shop as a private detective. They got one anyway, in the form of Justin Case, a smart-ass killing machine looking for a little redemption.

Out Through the Attic
Quincy J. Allen

Out Through the Attic takes you on thirteen amazing and very different journeys from nationally best-selling, cross-genre author Quincy J. Allen. It includes science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, horror, alternate history, and paranormal. In this first volume of his short fiction, you’ll go down more rabbit holes than you can eat ... errr ... well, you know what we mean....

Wordfire Press

Writing as a Team Sport
Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca Moesta

Writing partnerships can produce a remarkable synergy to create work unlike anything the individual authors could do alone. On the other hand, unsuccessful collaboration can be disastrous. This in-depth book describes techniques that will suit any sort of collaborative team, as well as the pitfalls you may encounter.

Elements of Mind
Walter H. Hunt

A doctor in Victorian India who performs surgery using mesmerism and drawing power from an artifact commits suicide before delivering the artifact to Reverend William Davey at the Committee of English Mesmerists, prompting Davey on a quest. Davey uncovers much more than just an artifact. The chthonoi, ancient, banished, elemental spirits now seek to open the Glass Door and reassert themselves in the word of man.

Unnatural Hairy: Zomnibus Edition
Kevin J. Anderson

Together in one volume, two frighteningly hilarious Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I. adventures! Contains the complete novels Unnatural Acts and Hair Raising.

Colt the Outlander: Shadow Run
Quincy J. Allen

On Neb-6, only the strong survive. When a band of inhuman assassins comes after Colt, they set in motion events that will shape Colt’s destiny for years to come. Forced to leave the warm desert sands of his home, Colt must brave Geleira, Neb-6’s southern polar continent. Only there can he learn who the assassins are and why they want Colt dead. As the mystery unravels, Colt discovers something older, colder, and far more deadly than arctic-born, feline assassins. Evil lurks beneath the rocks and ice of Geleira, and it wants all of humanity destroyed.

JABberwocky Literary Agency

Destiny of Dragons
Jack Campbell

Ancient weapons of mass destruction lie hidden under the city of Pacta Servanda. Remnants of the Great Guilds and rebellious factions of the Empire want to seize those weapons to allow them to regain control of the world of Dematr. Only Jason, brought by the first ship from Earth since the colony failed, might be able to disarm the threat. But he also might know how to employ those weapons, making him a danger for all sides.

Red Snow
Ian R. MacLeod

Red Snow is a novel of love and violence, ideas and dreams, and revolves around the mystery of a monster drawn from humanity's darkest myths which still somehow survives, and thrives, and kills, in this modern age. A 2018 Locus Award Finalist for Best Horror Novel.

Second Round: A Return to the Ur Bar
ed. by Joshua Palmatier & Patricia Bray

For thousands of years the immortal Gilgamesh has presided over the legendary Ur-Bar, witnessing history unfold from within its walls. Some days it is a rural tavern, others a fashionable wine shop. It may appear as a hidden speakeasy or take on the form of your neighborhood local. For most patrons it is simply a place to quench their thirst, but for a rare few the Ur-Bar is where they will meet their destiny.

Guilds and Glaives
ed. by Joshua Palmatier & S.C. Butler

If you like your fantasy filled with fellowships and noble quests, this anthology is not for you. And if you love lengthy tales of politics and power, then it won’t be to your taste either. But if you like a little intimacy with your evil, and your vengeance short and sweet, with perhaps a pinch of silliness in the witchcraft, then these fourteen delicious sweetmeats of sword and sorcery will prove right up your alley.

The Razor’s Edge
ed. by Troy Carrol Bucher & Joshua Palmatier

Everyone enjoys a good rebellion. No matter the cause, or how small the chance, it’s the courage to fight against overwhelming odds that grabs our hearts and has us pumping our fists in the air. Win or lose, it’s the righteous struggle we cherish, and those who take up arms for a cause must walk The Razor’s Edge between liberator and extremist.

Theogeny Books

Jason Cordova

The last thing Tori Adams wanted was to go back into The Warp, but when they couldn't turn it off, she was the only one who could.

Runs in the Family
Kevin Ikenberry

Mairin is tasked with leading inexperienced troops in a war against a shadowy enemy, but can only watch as her world spins out of control.

Chris Kennedy

Life was good for Lieutenant Shawn “Calvin” Hobbs. Until the aliens showed up.

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