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In this issue: treecat wars, ninjas and zombies, a monster hunter in London—and the amazing life and obscure death of one of the most important computers in history.
   June 2013

book cover Save the Lost Treecat Clan!

On pioneer planet Sphinx, ruined lands and the approach of winter force a landless clan of treecats to seek new territory. They have one big problem—there’s nowhere to go. And now a group of unscrupulous scientists and developers is after the great secret of the treecats. It’s up to Honor Harrington ancestor Stephanie Harrington, along with best friends Jessica and Anders, to save the treecats from themselves—and shield them from ambitious humans bent on their exploitation. Book Three in the Star Kingdom series.

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Ninjas versus Zombies in a Japan of Legends

A young ninja in a fantastic land of dreams and nightmares must face an army of zombies to save a beautiful sorceress. In the fog-enshrouded peaks of Nehon, Ran, a newly-minted shadow warrior is faced with the ultimate warrior's choice: save himself, or face down a horde of enemies that cannot be killed for the simple reason that they are already dead! Book one in the Shadow Warrior series.

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book cover

book cover Tour of Duty in a Tough Universe

It's a tough universe out there. A hard‑hitting collection of the best fiction of Michael Z. Williamson, creator of the popular Freehold military SF saga, along with a helping of truth‑telling nonfiction by a guy who has been there and done that, both at home and abroad.

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Baen Free Radio Hour Features Timothy Zahn, Wen Spencer and More

Check out our new weekly podcast with your favorite Baen authors and our continuing (absolutely free) serialization of Honor Harrington series audiobook Shadow of Freedom!

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New Fiction and Nonfiction at

A London Otherworld Adventure

When British monster hunter Gaston is asked to deliver a package to a scholar at the British museum, his journey on the London Underground delivers him into a strange Otherworld of magic beings from English prehistory that are intent on his destruction. It is only with the help of his beautiful monster sidekick, an undead Irish vampire, that Gaston has a chance of surviving to deliver his package. John Lambshead, author of fantasy novel Lucy’s Blade, and cowriter with David Drake of science fiction novel Into the Hinterlands, delivers a tale of magic and mayhem set in the world of his groundbreaking contemporary fantasy debut, Wolf in Shadow.

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Jim Baen Memorial Short Story Award to “Lamplighter Legacy”

“The Lamplighter Legacy,” by Patrick O’Sullivan is the winner the 2013 Jim Baen Memorial competition for best forward-looking original science fiction story. The winner was announced by Baen editor Jim Minz at the International Space Development Conference in San Diego, California on May 25th. Baen Books is very pleased to sponsor the conference in association with the National Space Society, and to bring you the story as part of our free fiction for June.

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The Computer That Took Us to Space

We're all familiar with the heroism of astronauts and the long hours put in by the flight crews and mission designers as Americans took to space. But laboring tirelessly below them all, figuratively and literally, was the Mission Operations Computer—the machine that for four decades ran Mission Control. Here is the story of the life and death of the MOC, and how a machine with far less computing power than a cheap cell phone once enabled us to walk on the Moon.

Read “R.I.P., MOC?” here


September Baen Ebook Releases

Under a Graveyard Sky
John Ringo - HALF

Zombies are real. And we made them. Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse? The Smith family is, with the help of a few Marines. The plan is to find a safe haven from the anarchy of infected humanity. But what they soon discover is that the only way to save humanity is to fight back from the brink of apocalypse.

The Undead Hordes of Kan-Gul
Jon F. Merz - HALF

A young ninja in a fantastic land of dreams and nightmares must face an army of zombies to save a beautiful sorceress. In the fog-enshrouded peaks of Nehon, Ran, a newly-minted shadow warrior is faced with the ultimate warrior's choice: save himself, or face down a horde of enemies that cannot be killed for the simple reason that they are already dead! Book One in a new series.

The Man Who Sold the Moon and Orphans of the Sky
Robert A. Heinlein - HALF

Two classic Robert A. Heinlein novels in one volume: The Man Who Sold the Moon and Orphans of the Sky. Two journeys into space, one taking humans to space by hook or by crook, the other the classic first-time tale of a generation vessel with passengers who do not realize they are in a spaceship. All-new Afterword by Mark Van Name.

Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance
Lois McMaster Bujold

When Captain Ivan Vorpatril, cousin to Imperial troubleshooter Miles Vorkosigan, encounters a damsel fleeing the violent overthrow of her home planet, it’s soon evident that Ivan’s carefree days are over. But behind Ivan’s façade of wry humor lies a cunning protector willing to make the ultimate sacrifice: his hard-won freedom from the politics of empire.

1635: The Papal Stakes
Eric Flint
Charles Gannon

It’s springtime in the Eternal City, 1635. Uptimer Frank Stone and his pregnant downtime wife are in the clutches of would-be Pope Cardinal Borgia, with the real Pope—Urban VIII—on the run. It’s up to the doughty natives of time-tossed Grantville, West Virginia, to save the pope and continue the fight for freedom in a dark age.

Dragon Ship
Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

Star pilot Theo Waitley must take on the precarious captaincy of a mysterious self-aware ship and save hundreds of stranded pilots and crewmen from a hostile planet.

The Exotic Enchanter
edited by L. Sprague deCamp and Christopher Stasheff - HALF

Harold Shea, the incomplete Enchanter and his partner Reed Chalmers leap into the Russia of Prince Igor, where warriors pursue them through an Arabian Nightmare. To escape, they leap into the universe of Edgar Rice Burroughs, and are chased to their next port of call--Shakespeare's The Tempest.

*This Baen Ebooks subscription bundle will dissolve on August 15, 2013. After that date, these books will be available for individual sale only.*

Dozois/Dann Anthologies Bundle

Treasuries of Great Stories—Arranged by Theme!

Wonder inducing. Mind blowing. Comprehensive. Simply amazing. Here are hundreds of popular and award-winning science fiction and fantasy stories collected in thirty-five volumes gathered by the winner of fifteen Hugo awards for editing, the inimitable Gardner Dozois, and award-winning writer and anthologist, Jack Dann.

We are presenting these thirty-five anthologies in six discount bundles. Get them all, and you will own a huge swath of some of the best short science fiction ever written.

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Ron Miller Classics of Science Fiction

Bundle Six of the massive and hugely entertaining Ron Miller Classics of Science Fiction ebook series. These are groundbreaking great books, many never available before, carefully edited, footnoted, and illustrated by science fiction eminence Ron Miller.

Get Ron Miller Classics of Science Fiction Bundle Six here

Walter Jon Williams Bundle

Walter Jon Williams

Earth lies prostrate beneath the lash of the Orbital powers, and Earth's Balkanized nations have no choice but to let the Orbitals plunder their remaining wealth. But now, if the criminal underworld and the guerilla underground can join forces, there is a chance to shift the balance of power—in a war fought on the ground by hardwired commandos, in the air by high-flying deltajocks, and by genius hackers in the neural interface.

Walter Jon Williams

Black Mind. Using this covert technology, Reno has written his own consciousness over that of Albrecht Roon, one of Earth's greatest enemies. A saboteur surrounded by enemies, he must act quickly, and without giving himself away, in order to turn the Orbital oppressors against each other and bring down their entire system. Sequel to Walter Jon Williams' classic novel Hardwired.

Voice of the Whirlwind
Walter Jon Williams

Steward is a Beta—a clone. In his memories, he's an elite, but because his Alpha never did a brain-scan update, Steward's memories are fifteen years out of date . . . and in those fifteen years, everything has changed. An alien race has arrived and become the center of a complex and deadly intrigue. And someone has murdered him.

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Wordfire Press

Frank Herbert

By the author of Dune, a lost never-published SF dystopia novel of futuristic class warfare.

Angels' Fall
Frank Herbert

One of Frank Herbert's never-before-published novels, a gripping jungle thriller as survivors of a plane crash in the South American wilderness struggle to be rescued.

Soul Catcher
Frank Herbert

Frank Herbert's acclaimed thriller: a militant Native American kidnaps a young boy and takes him into the deep Pacific Northwest wilderness, staying one step ahead of the recuers who are hunting them.

The Godmakers
Frank Herbert

The classic SF novel back in print for the first time in decades. After recovering from a severe injury, a planetary scout discovers he has godlike psi powers … but gods have certain responsibilities.

Direct Descent
Frank Herbert

In the far future, Earth has become a library planet with a cadre of dedicated researchers sworn to protect the vast knowledge against the dictators and barbarians that roam the Galaxy.

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E-reads Squire Quartet Bundle

Science fiction legend Brian Aldiss also wrote great novels set in contemporary and near future times for a mainstream audience. Here is his masterful Squire Quartet. These are novels set in a world where art intersects mystery, and politics collides with the mystic. Most of all these are tales of how, in a complex and confusing world, personal lives intersect and affect one another in compelling and sometimes profound ways.

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Fairwood Press

Boarding Instructions
Ray Vukcevich

Ray Vukcevich's universe is world of hidden stairs, funny smells, vampire girlfriends, fire women, missile boys, secret libraries, and outlandish (and yet frightenly real) airline procedures. Wonderfully inventive and wildly unpredictable, these thirty-three stories are sure to entertain and surprise you.

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