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In this issue: an alien enemy bent on destruction, a wily band of space pirates, and a devastating plague that threatens the last remnant of humankind. All that plus new fiction from P.C. Hodgell set in the world of the Kencyrath series.
   May 2014

book cover Humanity's Last Hope against the Zombie Horde

With the world consumed by a devastating plague that drives humans violently insane, what was once a band of desperate survivors bobbing on a dark Atlantic ocean has now become Wolf Squadron, humanity's last hope for salvation. For Wolf Squadron's leader Steve Smith that means one thing: retaking the mainland from the infected. A new entry in the nationally best-selling Black Tide Rising series from New York Times best seller John Ringo.

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Magic and Mayhem on Two Worlds!

As war breaks out on Elfhome and riots rock New York City, twin geniuses Louise and Jillian Mayer must use science and magic to save their baby brother and sisters. But when they come face to face with an ancient evil force, the plucky nine-year-olds will soon find themselves over their heads and in grave danger. The latest entry in the Elfhome series from Romantic Times Sapphire award-winning Wen Spencer.

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book cover

book cover
Caine Riordan: Tested by Fire

War has erupted and Earth's fleet has been shattered by an alien sneak attack. The survivors fight for their lives as reluctant interstellar diplomat and intelligence officer Caine Riordan contends with a non-humanoid enemy that harbors the harrowing memory of a long-past war they will do anything not to face again—even if that means the end of the human race. Book two in the Caine Riordan series, and sequel to Nebula-nominated Fire with Fire.

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New Fiction and Nonfiction at

book cover A Song to Save the Land!

The disgraced court poet Wolver Grimly never paid much attention to the baroque politics of Kothifir the Cruel. After all, what were they to an artist? But that was before a chance encounter with Highborn Kencyrath Torisen plunges him into the middle of a conflict that could determine the fate of the land. All new fiction set in the Kencyrath series, with latest entry, The Sea of Time.

Read Songs of Waste and Wood by P.C. Hodgell here.

The Price of Peace. The Cost of Freedom.

The men and women who fight for peace know its true cost—to a country and to the individual. Utah Army National Guardsman and former USMC Field Artilleryman Jonathan LaForce is one such man. He chronicles his time in Afghanistan and ponders what it means—what it takes and takes out of one—to be a professional soldier, as well as the true reward of service.

Read “Blooded by Starlight” by Jonathan LaForce here.

Don't Touch that Dial: It's The Baen Free Radio Hour!

Fascinating conversations with your favorite Baen writers about the books you love. Coming up: an interview with Michael Z. Williamson on the new edition of his novel Freehold, an interview with long-time Ring of Fire series cover artist Tom Kidd, Eric Flint and Charles E. Gannon on the latest Ring of Fire series entry 1636: Commander Cantrell in the West Indies, Ben Bova and Les Johnson on their planetary space travel novel Rescue Mode, P.C. Hodgell on her new Kencyrath series entry The Sea of Time, Larry Correia on his new Monster Hunter novel, and David Weber on the 21st Anniversary of his second Honor Harrington novel, The Honor of the Queen, with a new signed leatherbound edition on the way—and much more!

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The Honor Harrington Comic is Now Available!

David Weber’s best-selling book series is now multi-platform entertainment with a comic, mobile game, film, and more. Check out the latest issue of Tales of Honor, a five-part comic based on Weber’s On Basilisk Station. Click here to download a free preview of the first issue, buy the comic, and watch a video on the adaption process.

There’s more! Honor can also be found in a gaming app for Apple devices here and coming Thursday, May 22, the gaming app for Android devices debuts. Find out more here.

Baen Android App and Baen Ebooks Mobile Site Now Available

Baen goes mobile! Baen Ebooks, the legendary Baen Bar, Baen podcasts, news, a dedicated e-reader, and loads of great Baen content are now available especially for your mobile device! Get the Baen app at Google Play here. And point your mobile device bowser to the Baen Ebooks mobile site here.

August Baen Ebook Releases

Islands of Rage and Hope
John Ringo

With the world consumed by a devastating plague, what was once a band of desperate survivors bobbing on a dark Atlantic ocean has now become Wolf Squadron, humanity's last hope for salvation.

Trial by Fire
Charles E. Gannon

War has erupted and Earth's fleet has been shattered by an alien sneak attack. The survivors fight for their lives as reluctant interstellar diplomat and intelligence officer Caine Riordan contends with a non-humanoid enemy willing to do anything to prevent war—even if that means exterminating the human race.

Slow Train to Arcturus
Eric Flint
Dave Freer

Ye civilized of Earth: send forth your outcasts, your primitive throwbacks, your religious fundamentalists! Pack them onto a generation ship to intergalactic nowhere! But if you’re an alien explorer stranded on that vessel, your only chance lies in seeking out the true pioneers in a sea of nutcases.

Throne of Stars
David Weber
John Ringo

Stranded on the wild and dangerous planet Marduk, Prince Roger MacClintock must turn from a spoiled brat to a competent and compassionate leader of men. Now, with the forces of an interstellar empire arrayed against him, Roger must fight for the just rule of a thousand stars.

Treecat Wars
David Weber
Jane Lindskold

It’s up to Honor Harrington ancestor Stephanie Harrington to save the treecats of planet Sphinx from ambitious humans bent on their exploitation. Book Three in the Star Kingdom series.

The Death of Sleep
Ann McCaffrey
Jody Lynn Nye

Like every other citizen of the Federation of Sentient Planets, Lunzie Mespil believed that no harm would come to her, but when the planet pirates attack the space liner on which she is a passenger, she might have to suffer more than just inconvenience.

Eight Million Gods
Wen Spencer

Reality starts to unravel around horror novelist Nikki when she’s attacked by creatures out of Japanese myths. Now reality is mimicking her books and the bodies are piling up—and Nikki’s novels always end with everyone dead!

Wolf in Shadow
John Lambshead

A young woman finds a haunting and dangerous world of demons and shapeshifters—and a shadowy government organization that fights them—on the streets of modern day London.

Tales from Gavagan’s Bar
L. Sprague de Camp

The Weirdest Drinking Establishment in the Universe! Here you will meet such not-so-regular customers as: Councilman Maguire, who brought his own leprechaun with him from Ireland. Mrs. Vacarescu and her husband the were-dachshund. And Mr. Murdoch, who borrowed a very small dragon to rid his apartment of mice and lost it.

The Tritonian Ring
L. Sprague de Camp

The gods of Atlantis are powerful and real. And they’re determined to destroy the kingdom ruled by the father of Prince Vakar, the one man whose mind they cannot read.
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*This Baen Ebooks subscription bundle will dissolve on July 15, 2014. After that date, these books will be available for individual sale only.*

Walter John Williams

No Spot of Ground
Walter Jon Williams

After years of civil war, the genius of Edgar Allan Poe is nearing the breaking point. Tortured by memories of his dead wife and his dead hopes, Poe finds himself holding a key position against Grant's assault, and must decide whether or not to sacrifice all that he still loves in service to a dying cause.

The Tang Dynasty Underwater Pyramid
Walter Jon Williams

Nebula Award-winning author Walter Jon Williams serves up a glorious novelette-sized mashup of intrigue, cutting-edge biotech, Aymara Indian spies, ninjas, Andean folk music, and a tetrahedal menace from beneath the sea.


Shiva and Other Stories

Twenty-two tales by a mythologist for the new millennium! Barry N. Malzberg shows that neither super-science nor djinni magic can prevail against human folly. A wry and brilliant collection by one of the greatest social critics in science fiction.

The Engines of the Night

What are the seminal works of science fiction? Can science fiction kill you? Barry N. Malzberg ponders these and other questions about the genre. His answers are brilliant, unequivocal, and surprising. Updated with a 2001 introduction, this Nebula award-winning collection is an essential and enduring history and critique of a fascinating and problematic genre.

Get the Electricstory Barry N. Malzberg Bundle here.

Infinity Plus


Nulight, a notorious underground record company owner, emerges from an obscure Berlin night club realizing that an alien invasion is imminent. Or is he hallucinating? To save humanity, Nulight must decide if the aliens are real or not – and if they are, what to do about them.


Zaïdmouth’s five communities are intertwined by artificial flower networks so complex they combine to create the virtual realities through which Zaïdmouth is run. Yet into this vivid world a bad seed is about to be sown.


Two sisters on the run, both pursued by their mother, the powerful Empress of Ghana. But no one can predict what might happen should their mother succeed and the family be reunited, least of all if it is inside the mysterious region known as Muezzinland.


A plague is spreading through the city of Cray. Cray is dying—of glass. When Subadwan the Archivist is chosen to explore a land she never knew existed, she finds herself at the center of a plot which threatens to shatter the very nature of reality.

Memory Seed

There is one city left, and soon that will be gone, for Kray is crumbling beneath a wave of exotic and lethal vegetation that threatens to wipe out the last traces of humanity.

Get the Infinity Plus Stephen Palmer Sci-Fi Bundle here

Wordfire Press

Return to Honor
Doug Beason

The President has been kidnapped by terrorists and is about to be executed, unless the Marine Corps Rapid Deployment Force can use unproven trans-atmospheric technology to launch the most daring rescue ever.

First Person Peculiar

Mike Resnick

New collection of 23 stories, all told in the first person, by Mike Resnick, science fiction’s leading award-winning author, living or dead.

Spirit Walker

David Farland

The first volume in the expanded four-volume epic of a prehistoric world recreated on an alien planet from New York Times bestselling author David Farland.

Serpent Catch

David Farland

Book Two in New York Times bestselling author David Farland’s epic Serpent Catch series. Tull, a reborn Neanderthal, must capture sea serpents to save his people.

Blade Kin
David Farland

Book 3 of the Serpent Catch series. Slavers capture Tull and his family, and he must face the challenges of the Dark Arena to save them.

Path of the Crushed Heart

David Farland

The climactic volume of the Serpent Catch series. Tull leads an uprising against the slavers and, even more dangerous, overthrow the evil machine intelligences that created the artificial prehistoric world.

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