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In this issue: A spymaster’s son, a pirate treasure, and an escape from an oppressive regime. plus a chance to win a signed copy of David Drake’s The Sea without a Shore!
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Save a Planet—Save the Galaxy!

Corcyra. A galactic flashpoint. A planet in revolutionary uproar. And if Corcyra erupts, war between the Alliance and the Republic of Cinnabar is certain. Enter RCN Captain Daniel Leary and his friend and comrade-in-arms, the cyberspy Adele Mundy. Their mission: resolve a pirate kidnapping, protect the errant son of a spymaster, find an ancient treasure—and prevent a devastating war that will tear the galaxy apart!

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Man and Kzin United Battle Pirates for Interstellar Treasure!

On Wunderland a generation after Liberation, memories of the bloody kzin conquest and Occupation have faded, and men and kzin live in peace. But the fabulous treasure of the kzin pirates, hidden on a distant world, remains a magnet for freebooters. Young Peter Cartwright and his kzinrett friend Marthar receive a map from a most unlikely source and soon themselves fighting the most ruthless pirates in Known Space for an unimaginable prize.

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May Contest

Be The Chosen One!

Be the chosen one in a sea of RCN stalwart readers to win a signed copy of David Drake’s newest installment in the wildly popular RCN series, The Sea without a Shore.

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Don't Touch that Dial: It's the Baen Free Radio Hour!

Fascinating conversations with your favorite Baen writers about the books you love. Coming soon: David Drake on his new RCN novel The Sea without a Shore, and a talk with Aussie writers Hal Colebatch and Jessica Q. Fox on their new novel Treasure Planet set in the Man-Kzin War universe created by Larry Niven, Michael Z. Williamson on a new edition of his legendary Freehold, Eric Flint and Charles E. Gannon on their new 1632 series entry, and much more!

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Baen Fantasy Adventure Award Contest

We're proud to announce the inaugural Baen Fantasy Adventure Award, to be given at this year’s Gen Con to the best piece of original short fiction that captures the spirit and tradition of such great storytellers as Larry Correia, Robert E. Howard, Mercedes Lackey, Elizabeth Moon, Andre Norton, J.R.R. Tolkien, David Weber and Marion Zimmer Bradley.

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May Books

The Sea Without a Shore
David Drake

On the mining planet Corcyra, Captain Daniel Leary and Adele Mundy must deal with kidnappers, hijackers, pirates and a death squad—even before they can get to their real business of ending a war.

Freehold, Second Edition
Michael Z. Williamson

Sergeant Kendra Pacelli is innocent, but that won’t stop the repressive government from pursuing her. Pacelli starts afresh on the Freehold of Grainne, but things are about to go to hell; Earth’s government has found out where she is.

Treasure Planet
Hal Colebatch
Jessica Q. Fox

(trade paperback)

The fabulous treasure of kzin pirates, hidden on a distant world, remains a magnet for freebooters. So when Peter Cartwright and his kzinrett friend Marthar receive information from a most unlikely source, they soon themselves fighting the most ruthless pirates in Known Space for an unimaginable prize.

Secret of the Stars
Andre Norton
(trade paperback)

Secret of the Lost Race: Joktar was running for his life—and he didn’t know why. All he knew was that he had to run—out of the Solar system and across the galaxy to the mysterious freezing Wolf worlds where he would turn to face his hunters. Star Hunter: On safari to an unexplored jungle world, Ras Hume must hunt two kinds of quarry—the fearsome native beasts and the equally menacing lone survivor of a mysterious spaceship crash.

House of Steel
David Weber
(mass market paperback)

An all-new David Weber Honorverse short novel chronicling the early days of the Manticoran Star Kingdom crowns this guide and treasure trove of tech, specs, and insights on David Weber’s best-selling Honor Harrington series.

Eric Flynt
Ryk E. Spoor

(mass market paperback)

An exploratory mission to Mars and beyond begets a rush to gain control of advanced alien technology—even if it leads to an interplanetary war. Book three in the Boundary series.
Baen Appearances
Author Appearance
Iver Cooper
Eric Flint
Charles E. Gannon
Michael Z. Williamson

May 9-11
Columbus, OH

Charles E. Gannon

May 16-18
San Jose, CA

Charles E. Gannon
Mark Van Name

May 23-25
Baltimore, MD

Michael Z. Williamson

May 23-26
Up in the Aether
Dearborn, MI

Eric Flint
Charles E. Gannon
Toni Weisskopf

May 28-31
BEA (Book Expo America)
New York, NY

Tony Daniel
Gray Rinehart
David Weber

May 30 - June 1
Charlotte, NC

Michael Z. Williamson

May 30 - June 1
Indy 500 Gun & Knife Show
Indianapolis, IN

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