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In this issue: crash landings on Europa, eight million Japanese gods and one sidekick—plus the Baen podcast powers up with a David Weber novel serialization and more.
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Hell—Frozen Over

Alien tech specialist Madeline Fathom has landed her crippled ship on Jupiter’s moon, Europa. She’s joined on that frozen moon by the stranded crewmembers of another ill-fated expedition. With a rescue vessel destroyed, the crews must survive lethal radiation, vacuum, and ice as hard as steel while they figure out a way to make it home. The sequel to Threshold.

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Guide to the Honorverse and a New David Weber Novella

An all-new David Weber Honorverse short novel chronicling the early days of the Manticoran Star Kingdom crowns this guide and treasure trove of beautifully designed tech, specs, and insights on David Weber’s best-selling Honor Harrington series.

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The Baen Free Radio Hour Podcast New Every Friday at Noon

The Baen Free Radio Hour weekly podcast is full of interviews, writing and reading suggestions, and much more featuring your favorite Baen authors. Plus, in association with, we are serializing the audiobook of David Weber’s new Honor Harrington novel, Shadow of Freedom, absolutely free!

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May Contest

Best Japanese God Sidekick

This month we celebrate next month’s release of Eight Million Gods by Wen Spencer, a contemporary fantasy novel set in Japan, with a manga-riffic Japanese gods contest. The question: which Japanese god would make the best sidekick to take through life and have at your beck and call? Which Japanese god would you want to play the Robin to your Batman? And If you’re not up on your Japanese deities, Wen Spencer has provided us with a handy crib sheet and a reference for more.

Contest details here

May Books

Eric Flint
Ryk E. Spoor


An exploratory mission to Mars and beyond begets a rush to gain control of advanced alien technology—even if it leads to an interplanetary war. Book three in the Boundary series.

House of Steel
David Weber

An all-new David Weber Honorverse short novel chronicling the early days of the Manticoran Star Kingdom crowns this guide and treasure trove of tech, specs, and insights on David Weber’s best-selling Honor Harrington series.

Children of the Gates
Andre Norton
(trade paperback)

Two legendary Andre Norton SF adventure novels of the telepathic future in one volume. On a world where parallel and alternate universes intersect Celtic faery folk, modern humans, and inhabitants face a sinister visitor. Plus: a young telepath woman’s vision quest on a strange planet. Includes Here Abide Monsters and Yurth Burden.

World Divided: Book Two of the Secret World Chronicle
Mercedes Lackey
Cody Martin
Dennis Lee
Veronica Giguere

(mass market paperback)

After an Earth-scarring apocalyptic battle, humanity’s meta-heroes–humans with super powers–must take the fight to a conspiracy-cloaked enemy. Book two of the Secret World Chronicle.

The Star Beast
Robert A. Heinlein
(mass market paperback)

Huge star beast Lummox has been the pet of John Stuart’s family, but now the authorities want him carted away. Young John isn’t about to let anyone deport his friend—even if it takes leaving his old life behind forever.
A. E. Van Vogt
Eric Flint
David Drake

(mass market paperback)

Global war smashes civilization and so-called scientists who worship at the altars of the atomic gods must find a future for humanity. Plus: Mission to the Stars, a sweeping interstellar adventure, and two novels of the Ezwal series. Includes Empire of the Atom, The Wizard of Linn, Mission to the Stars and other wonder-inducing masterpieces from Golden Age SF master.
Baen Appearances
Author/Editor Appearance
David Weber

May 3-5
Des Moines, IA

Eric Flint
Jim Minz

May 16-18
Superstars Writing Seminar
Denver, CO

Les Johnson

May 24-26
Alabama Phoenix Festival
Birmingham, AL

Charles E. Gannon
Mark L. Van Name

May 24-27
Baltimore, MD

Timothy Zahn

May 31-June 2
Charlotte, NC

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