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In this issue: into a ring of fire, race against the forces of evil, and make your father proud. All that plus new weekly contests!
   February 2016

Leary and Mundy Face Down a War

Content to leave dangerous adventures behind them, Captain Daniel Leary and his friend, the spy and cybrarian Adele Mundy, settle into a peacetime existence. But a war is brewing between the Republic of Cinnabar and the Alliance of Free Stars, and Daniel and Adele are once again called to serve. But even with Daniel, Adele, and the crew of the Princess Cecile doing everything humanly possible, their efforts that may be no match for an enemy battleship. All they can do is race forward, hoping to come through into DEATH'S BRIGHT DAY.

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book cover

book cover
Time Warp—Again!

The town of Grantville, West Virginia has been tossed through time and space. So, what does a group of can-do Americans do in seventeenth-century war-torn Europe? They start making—and changing—history! Follow the exploits of Grantville in this all-new anthology. New stories from top writers, including Eric Flint, Mercedes Lackey, Charles E. Gannon and many more.

Get Ring of Fire IV eARC here.

Race against the Forces of Evil

As a weremyst, Justis Fearsson is on the front lines of a magical war. As a private investigator, he’s been hired to find a missing woman and her two children. Soon worlds collide, and Justis must find not only the young family, but also an ancient weapon that could prove decisive in the looming conflict. But he’ll have to do it quickly, or the reality he knows may be lost in a storm of darkest sorcery.

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New Fiction and Nonfiction at

story graphic Quest for the Truth

Mike Ross courted danger. As a photojournalist, he’d been in war zones, run with street gangs, and photographed active volcanoes—from inside the caldera. But despite knowing how to handle himself, Mike winds up dead. Murdered, while on the phone to his little brother Xavier. The police think they have their man—a drug-peddling gang member—but Xavier knows better. It will fall to him to solve his brother’s murder and avenge his death. But to do so, Xavier will need help. And will find it in a most unlikely place. A new story set in the Balanced Sword universe from Ryk E. Spoor.

Read “Training and Truth” here.

Princess and the Pauper

After his father General Pewyan is killed in battle, seven-year-old Pohut and his younger brother Innel become sworn members of the Princess’ Cohort. They are taken to live in the Cohort bunkhouse and surrounded by strange customs and the hostile children of aristocrats. But Pohut promised his father he would take care of the family, and he’ll do what is necessary to make him proud. A new story by Sonia Lyris, set in the world of The Seer.

Read “Touchstone” here.

story graphic

story graphic
Gone Haywire

Male vs. Female. Liberal vs. Conservative. Creative vs. Analytical. We’ve all heard that people are wired differently from each other. But is that the case? Neuroscience researcher Dr. Tedd Roberts looks past the pop psychology and into the structure of the brain (and some classic works of SF) and asks “Are We Really Just Wired Differently?” in this month’s nonfiction essay.

Read “Are We Really Just Wired Differently?” here.

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New Reader Guide

Get the New Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen Reader Guide

A new reader guide filled with interesting and provocative questions and notes is now available for Lois McMaster Bujold’s latest entry in her legendary Vorkosigan saga, Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen. It’s a great way to get discussion started for your book club or online reading group. And it’s also wonderful way to deepen the pleasure of . . . did we say there’s a new entry in the Vorkosigan saga!

Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen Reader Guide is available here.

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New Weekly Facebook Contests

We know you love the monthly contest giveaways we do on the Baen website, but the truth is that we’re up to our eyes in books and giving them away at the pace of one per month is just not cutting it. So starting right now, we’re going to give away one book per week over on our Facebook page. Find out how you can win by following our Facebook page here.

Don’t Touch that Dial: It’s the Baen Free Radio Hour

Ben Bova discusses the first volume of the collection of his complete short stories, The Best of Bova Volume 1, Sonia Orin Lyris talks about her debut epic fantasy novel The Seer. Plus Ryk E. Spoor on the finale to his Balanced Sword fantasy trilogy, Phoenix Ascendant. Missed past episodes? No problem. We’ve got every episode archived for your listening pleasure.

Listen to the Baen Free Radio Hour now.

Baen Ebook Releases

Ring of Fire IV - HALF
ed. by Eric Flint

All new stories of Grantville, West Virginia, the town tossed through time and space to 17th century Europe. Includes stories by Eric Flint, Mercedes Lackey, Charles E. Gannon and many more.

Shadow’s Blade - HALF
David B. Coe

As a weremyst, Justis Fearsson is on the front lines of a magical war. As a private investigator, he’s been hired to find a missing woman and her two children. Soon his two worlds will collide and reality itself hangs in the balance.

The Sword of the South
David Weber

When the fate of the world hangs in the balance, a man robbed of his memories must rise up and confront a dark power that has been kept at bay for a millennium.

Through Fire
Sarah A. Hoyt

Against all odds, spaceship mechanic Zen Sienna finds herself in a fairytale palace, being courted by the ruler of vast lands. But when revolution erupts and heads start to roll, Zen finds that the life of a storybook princess is not be all fancy balls and happy endings.

Warrior's Apprentice

Lois McMaster Bujold

Discharged from the Barrayaran academy after flunking the physical, a discouraged Miles Vorkosigan takes possession of a jumpship and becomes the leader of a mercenary force that expands to a fleet of treasonous proportions.

1882: Custer in Chains

Robert Conroy

Following his decisive victory over Sitting Bull and the Sioux at the Little Big Horn, George Armstrong Custer is propelled into the White House. But war with Cuba looms—and unless calmer heads prevail, this war may be America’s last stand!

Cobra Outlaw

Timothy Zahn

With war between Cobra factions brewing, Cobra Jason Broom poses as a slave on an alien prison planet. He seeks information—information that may save the Cobra worlds, and head off a massive interstellar war.


Catherine Asaro

The means streets of Undercity, the enormous capital of a vast star empire. Here Private Investigator Major Bhaajan must sift through the shadows to find answers to an incredible secret that may change the future forever.

Limbo System
Rick Cook

When an Earth ship enters a star system that should have been devoid of life, the crew discovers millions of aliens living in small space habitats. And if these strange creatures manage to steal Earth's faster-than-light drive technology, they will make Machiavelli look like a kindergartner.

Get the May ebooks bundle here

*This Baen Ebooks subscription bundle will dissolve on April 15, 2016. After that date, these books will be available for individual sale only.*

Event Horizon Press

Visitors to NeoAfrica
Ronald T. Jones

When the Unity expedition visits NeoAfrica, it seems like a new age of peace is about to begin. But this seemingly altruistic mission has a darker agenda. The Unity expedition has been traveling across the galaxies, stripping planets of their resources and using its twisted eugenics to remake the universe in its image. Now NeoAfrican citizens must fight for their very survival.

See all the Event Horizon ebooks here

Wordfire Press

Virtual Destruction
Kevin J. Anderson & Doug Beason

The first high-tech thriller featuring FBI agent Craig Kreident investigating the murder of a controversial weapons scientist deep inside a top secret security zone. Written by Nebula-Award nominated authors, insiders in the U.S. nuclear testing program.

Kevin J. Anderson & Doug Beason

Craig Kreident, FBI investigator, uncovers a plot by a terrorist militia group that has infiltrated the Nevada Nuclear Test Site … and they may have smuggled out a functional warhead into Las Vegas.

Lethal Exposure
Kevin J. Anderson & Doug Beason

Inside the Fermilab research facility, a nuclear physicist receives a lethal dose of radiation in an accident…or was it? FBI investigator Craig Kreident works with the genius, but dying, nuclear researcher to solve his murder before he dies.

Kevin J. Anderson & Doug Beason

NASA, you have a problem. When terrorists take over Kennedy Space Center and hold hostage a shuttle about to launch, only grounded astronaut “Iceberg” Friese can work his way through the back channels of the launchpads and control center to stop their plan.

The Maids of Wrath

Josh Vogt

Something dirty is going on with the supernatural cleaning service. When a maid goes berserk during a training session and tries to slaughter everyone with a feather duster, Dani knows that something is clearly afoul within the ranks of the Cleaners themselves.

Get the February Wordfire Press Bundle here

UFO Publishing

Explaining Cthulhu to Grandma and Other Stories
Alex Shvartsman

63 stories of the weird, the wonderful, and the fantastic from Alex Shvartsman, winner of the 2014 WSFA Small Press Award for Short Fiction. Includes author’s notes on each story and an introduction by Ken Liu.

ed. by Alex Shvartsman

Brewed from such fine ingredients as magic, wonder, humor, and romance, these coffee-centric stories serve up a unique blend of the fantastic you won’t be able to put down.

Unidentified Funny Objects
ed. by Alex Shvartsman

Zombears, tweeting aliens, time twisting belly dancers, moon Nazis, sex-maniac pandas, and a spell-casting Albert Einstein. All that and more in this laugh-out-loud-funny anthology of humorous science fiction and fantasy.

Unidentified Funny Objects 2
ed. by Alex Shvartsman

A golem on an interstellar cruise ship, dragon-taunting for fun and profit, and time travel gone really wrong in the second volume of humorous fantasy and science fiction from UFO publishing.

Unidentified Funny Objects 3
ed. by Alex Shvartsman

More fantasy and science fiction short stories to tickle your funny bone. Featuring stories by Piers Anthony, Robert Silverberg, Gini Koch, Kevin J. Anderson, Mike Resnick, Karen Haber, Jim C. Hines, Jody Lynn Nye, and many more!

Unidentified Funny Objects 4
ed. by Alex Shvartsman

Twenty-three darkly humorous tales range from black comedy to biting satire to morbid irony and everything in between. Faustian bargains gone awry, time-traveling ghosts, flawed supervillains, talking hamsters, and much more.

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