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In this issue: barbarian war cries, kzin growls—and letters home from a Royal Manticoran Navy ensign
   February 2012

War Maid's Choice Bahzell Returns!

The Hradani barbarian has come a long way at the War God’s champion, but his ascension to Wind Rider has brought him some powerful enemies—and an equally perilous and alarming chance for dangerous liaison with Baron Tellian’s daughter, the heir to the mighty Sothoii realm.

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Man-Kzin Wars XIII Hail, the Kzin Resurgence!

A new entry in Larry Niven's legendary Man-Kzin series. In war and in uneasy peace, kzin continue their attempt to deal with those clever leaf-eaters, the humans. A masterful addition with stories by Jane Lindskold, Hal Colebatch, Charles E. Gannon, and more.

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Grayson Navy Letters
Letters Home from Manticore’s Finest

Excerpts full of wry insights and commentary on an ensign’s life in the Star Kingdom of Manticore’s Grayson Navy from Cecilie Rustin, who has recently shipped out on her first deep space assignment. The letters become an epistlatory tale in their own right and make for an exciting addition to the Honorverse from long-time David Weber fans and BU9 contributors, Joelle Presby and Thomas Pope.

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Putting the Science in Science Fiction

Brain scientist Tedd Roberts feels inspired, intrigued and, at times, dismayed by the portrayal of science in science fiction. Yet Roberts remains an inveterate SF reader and here provides checkpoints—and even a few recommendations—for the appreciation of plausible and wonder-inducing science in a great SF novel.

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Science in Science Fiction

Into the Hinterlands Guide
Into the Hinterlands Teacher and Student Guide

We proudly present another in our line of Teacher and Student Guides for Baen books that might be suitable for school assignment. What’s more, these guides provide plenty of entertaining and thoughtful background material for the general reader, as well. Here’s a guide for David Drake and John Lambshead’s first book in the new Citizens SF series, Into the Hinterlands.

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Baen Books Teacher’s Guides are developed by teachers and education experts for use by teachers in the classroom. Here is a catalog of our current and upcoming Teacher and Student Guides.

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May Baen Ebook Releases

Man-Kzin Wars XIII - HALF
Larry Niven

Larry Niven's bestselling Man-Kzin saga rolls on. In war and in uneasy peace, kzin and humans continue sparring for mastery of known space.

The Hot Gate
John Ringo

Humans have battled back from a conquest by a tyrannical alien species to become a force to reckon with in the galaxy. On a crash-building course, we’ve built a near-impregnable battlestation of Deathstar proportions. Now the time has come to use it.
Hard Magic: Book I of the Grimnoir Chronicles
Larry Correia

In a gritty alternate reality, hardnosed private eye and war vet Jake Sullivan has a magical talent: he can alter the force of gravity at will. Now Jake has just attracted the attention of ruthless conspirators who believe that he is far too dangerous to live.
Steve White and Charles E. Gannon

An implacable foe with telepathic cohesion in battle and eons-advanced engineering skills threatens to wipe humanity from the galaxy. Now they’ve overcome their one weakness—no faster-than-light travel—and have followed humanity through our star gates and beyond. A new entry in the Starfire saga.
The High Crusade
Poul Anderson

1345: a silver ship lands in a pasture in northeastern Lincolnshire. The Wersgorix, whose ship it is, are quite expert at taking over planets, but this time they've launched their invasion against free Englishmen.
Drakon - HALF
S.M. Stirling

A remorseless genetically engineered killer from an alternate Earth is thrown into our present. Now it’s up to a detective and a refugee from the same slaver-ruled universe to stop her before she opens a wormhole for invasion.
Waking in Dreamland - HALF
Jody Lynn Nye

The world of dreams is real and continues for those who live inside them, kept in place by the legendary Seven Sleepers. But now Dreamland is under threat of destruction by someone, or something, with plans to jolt the Sleepers awake.
February 2012 Night Shade Bundle

Will McIntosh

After a terrorist attack decimates Atlanta, Finn Darby begins blurting things only his dead grandfather could know. Countless other residents of Atlanta are suffering a similar bizarre affliction. Have the dead returned to possess the living?

When We Were Executioners
J. M. McDermott

New entry in the Dogsland fantasy saga. Past and present collide as the tale of two ill-fated outcasts unfolds, and the executioners of Erin grow ever closer to their quarry.

Tooth and Nail
Jennifer Safrey

Gemma Fae Cross has just made a startling discovery about herself: she is half faerie--and not just any faerie, but a tooth faerie. Now with the fae threatened, Gemma must turn herself into a fae warrior—even if it means sacrificing all she knows about being human.

W.G. Marshall

Manny Lopes is a lonely young man. A lonely, extremely short man. Then one day Manny awakens to discover that he's big—really big. A mile-high colossus! Now there's no stopping Manny. It’s time for payback!

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Sheffield Supernova Bundle

First: when Earth’s sun goes supernova, will humanity be able to build a shield to protect itself? Next: what happens when they find that the supernova was no act of nature? Plus: in the 23rd century, humanity alone among the races of the galaxy has mastered interstellar transport. But humans aren’t popular—until they are needed to save all biological life in the galaxy. Three novels and two collections of stories including the Hugo and Nebula Award winning novelette “Georgia on My Mind” from hard SF legend Charles Sheffield.

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