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The Best Defense is a Good Defense

In Raising Caine, reluctant interstellar diplomat Caine Riordan must use his skills as a negotiator to keep the Earth from getting destroyed. We wondered how our readers would fare in a similar circumstance. In one short (250 words or less) paragraph, craft a defense of humanity and the Earth to keep aliens from destroying us. You can appeal to the aliens’ empathy, their cold logic . . . or you distract just long enough for us to get the quantum phase cannon trained on their attack ships. The winner will not only have the satisfaction of knowing he or she saved us all from annihilation, but will also receive a signed copy of Raising Caine.

Send your entry to contest@baen.com no later than October 20th. Put “October Contest” in the subject field and please remember to include your name! One entry per person, please. Entries become property of Baen Books and may be published as part of the winner announcement. Winner will be selected by Baen editorial staff.

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