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When I’m One Thousand Sixty-Four

In Robert Buettner’s The Golden Gate, a biotech billionaire develops a system that lets people live to the ripe old age of 1,000-plus. It sounds like a great deal for any number of reasons, but what really got us excited about the concept was that it would allow us to witness the future! So, let’s say your life expectancy is increased to 1,000 years; what technological advance would you be most excited to witness in your lifetime? Put on your prognosticator’s hat and let us know in a short paragraph (less than 100 words). The winner will receive a copy of The Golden Gate, signed by Robert Buettner.

Send your entry to contest@baen.com no later than January 20th. Put “January Contest” in the subject field and please remember to include your name! One entry per person, please. Entries become property of Baen Books and may be published as part of the winner announcement. Winner will be selected at random from all qualifying entries.

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